Panick - Lab-o-Matic ::: 2 tracks online for download!


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Hi guys,
first of all thank you for the beautiful support about Neo::Caine. So nice to read your reviews.

Second, there are 2 tracks from Panick to download from Neurobiotic website... just go to and go to the download page (link on top right side of the website). You will find there mp3s of 2 Panick's track that will be on his album Lab-o-Matic, which release date should be finally set to april 3rd!



ooooh ..... Panick could well get me back into the pyscheclic stuff. I still play some of the old album in sets to this day.

(I actually bought Neo-caine as well - first full on cd purchase for over a year - very good it is too!!!!)

*waits patiently*


Fried for too long

need it... *twitch*
must.... now

quick edo!


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i like blind sensations; it's got a lot of power and it's nice and crunchy. it's weird though cos in a way it's very different to his earlier stuff (much more banging), but you can still hear that it's him :Smile3:

are there slower tracks on the album?


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Mannnn they are phat!!

Totally agree more bangin and really tight but you can still tell the Panick stylee is present!

The first album is one of my fav psy CDs full stop....
Loadsa character, and it is difficult not to play at least 2 or 3 trax, cause they all rock in stightly different ways!
Fully unique and entertaining, underated at the time as well :Wink3:

Nice One Edo!! Thanks For The Preview.... Neurobiotic Quality!! :Wink3:


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Yo guys thanx for the flowers...
I will put online samples of the whole album soon.
It's surely different than the first one, fat and PSYCHEDELIC (I think this word has been lost in many releases lately)... And unique.
I'm in love with it, can't help myself... Believe me is not just promotion :Grin::Grin: