"Paradise & Tranquility" - Ganja Beats


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A new album of waaaay out dub and chill for those wobbly moments :Smile3:

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“A heady mix of submarine bass and tranquil ambience with a sprinkle of deep rhythms; Ganja Beats does exactly what it says on the (stash) tin...†-John Muir, Upfront

“Quality all the way…†-psyreviews.com

Artist Profile:

Ganja Beats is well known trance producer/artist/musician JAKE STEPHENSON and is the dub offshoot of Shamanic Tribes on Acid, one of the original UK psychedelic trance bands. Tragically, Jake died earlier this year following an epileptic seizure at the age of 42. He had just completed the Ganja Beats album.

Jake was involved in the psychedelic scene from the mid/late 80's primarily in the psych-rock band Paperhouse who were well known for their electrifying gigs where audiences would end up on the stage partying, dancing and getting it on with the band. Then Jake evolved into making psychedelic trance and electronica music in the early 90's and formed Optic Eye with Brian Trower who was the keyboard player with Paperhouse. Optic Eye gained much acclaim for their contributions to Club Dog's 'Feed Your Head' compilations. Other releases as Optica have appeared on the Kinetix label.

Jake also released another Optic Eye album “Light Side of the Sun†on Jumpin’ and Pumpin’...home to the Future Sound of London and has gone on to compile and feature on many trance and chilled albums for the label. Jake has also compiled numerous albums for Rumour Records and in fact… Jake composed and produced for so many "Various Artists" albums to the extent that anyone buying contemporary electronic dance-based music in the 90s with "Goa" or "Chill" or "Trance" in the title were very likely buying some music by Jake.

Jake was a very talented musician who could astoundingly produce ambient chill-out music one day, Psychedelic trance the next, heavy duty acid electronica after that then end up with a slice of drum 'n' bass for good measure, all across complete CD's. Some of the other names Jakes produced under are: Alien Mutation, Dr. Psychedelic, Mantra, Crystal Moon, Bass Meditation, Mind Control, Eyetek, White Star and many more.......

This album shows Jake at his finest, its sound goes back a lot further than many of today's chillout artists with clear nods to Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby and 80s UK electro dubber Adrian Sherwood, as well as Ambient greats like The Orb. Although there are few actual heavy dub tracks on there, there is always an incredible sense of space and rhythm, and ultimately, the journey is very soothing and uplifting to the spirit.


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I nicked a copy off Chris when I was last in London and it's a really deep album... I think it's really dubby all the way through, with a fantastic old-school vibe that reminds me of the best of the 'Ambient Dub' series of compilations. Track 3, 'Space Is High' is by far my favourite track, with an awesomely atmospheric bassline. Definitely a positive, tranquil journey.