Partner in Crime needed


Fluffy Love
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One Female partner

Must be fully trained in information manipulation, and Suberfuge.

A love of Trance and Art Essental.

Knowlage of healing an advantage.

You must be phsically fit, self sufficient and able to travel....
how phsically fit do you need to be? :Smile3:
you must be able to run a mile in less than 10 mins, and climb over 6 ft walls unaided.....fantastic map reading and the ablity to tie knot's also an advantage :Smile3:

Oh, and dont have a police record for anything more serious than 'Minor' drug offenses...
not sure about runing iam not built for speed.but if i had to iam sure i could .i can climb ok .and my map reading is just the best.

and ive been a very good girl and have a clean record :Grin: .
well iam 5ft 4 i may need a small trampoline to help me over the wall. pink funfur coat ..... iam sure i could make one.
umm... i have wings and can fly 1 mile in 30 seconds, not exactly physically fit but have superpowers which make up for it. i can also wear underpants over tights if necessary.
i have super powers too, i can fly and regererate...but i'm male (i do have long hair though)