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Hello !

"Voices of Madness" will be out from tomorrow, the 5th Sept.
Our distribution partner have it available on their online-shop
( and so it will be also on other webshops and musicstore
around the world. You must remember that we are not a big commercial label so
feel free to write to us if you cannot find the album close to where you stay
and we´ll try to help you !!
This album is very powerfull and is right on the musical-path we adventured
ourself since the start, I am sure that you will enjoy it and anyway it will
be nice to hear what you think about it so.....any comment will be welcomed :Smile3:
Check our homepage for the tracklist


For the future we are preparing the album of Kindzadza "Waves from Outer
Space" which is scheduled for December and soon we will present you a preview
of the cover. We do have a release plan for next year but basically we like
to take 1 step at the time so...for now....have a shaking time with
"Voices of Madness" and....... I´ll keep in touch!!!!!

Have a nice time


Our next release will be the album "Waves From Outer Space" written and produced by the russian artist Kindzadza.
Here is a preview of the cover and release date is set for the 15.February.
More news coming soon!!

psychedelically yours
Parvati Records

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