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Right then!

I'm off to buy some new synths! :Smile3: (strictly software, my job pays shite)

I've already decided to get the following;

mobilOHM (not a synth, but :wub: )

what I'm wondering is...

if you had a MAX of £200 quid to spend, what would you get in addition to the above?

I'm looking at, in no particular order;



Absynth 2



although, I'm open to suggestions on any of the above, and perhaps it would be to say, what software would you buy with £350???
Rob Papen Albino perhaps?? Nice sounds. Perhaps tho you would be best getting synths that do very different jobs. As in maybe the Albino and the impOSCar are more akin than say Absynth 2 and B4. So maybe go for ones that give you a broader range of options.

Don't know enough about Reaktor but with the short time I spent with it, it took me a very short time to get an enormous bass synth. One of the fx is a bit like Ohmboyz (Banana something or other). Is pretty wicked on all accounts. Probably has quite a steep learning curve, but after that most people are very happy.

I tried the demo of the CS-80V, can't say I got on with it at all. Try the demo if u haven't already: I guess it's unique.

Personally I am getting the Drumkit from Hell 2 soon for about £80. A Kompakt driven sample pack. They have other kit for trance/dnb/etc, maybe worth a look.
Why the B4? I have this and it is the last thing I would open for psy music.

Absynth is great and has massive potential as does Reaktor, which is a thousand synths in one. There are lots of presets and "ensembles" available for both on NI's website and on various other pages. Right now I would take Aby over Reaktor just because I know it better.

You may want to take a look at metasynth just to be different, as this can make some unique metalic sounds, a la The Matrix., now there's a URL.

I have heard the impOSCar is sweet.

Have fun! :punk:
how did I forget about reaktor? *tap tap*

to any of you who use reaktor, perhaps you could answer a question for me. I've been using Synth Edit for a while now, and one thing really pisses me off, ie. I can't feed the filter back on itself. Is this kind of recursive feedback available in reaktor?

I tried the demo of the CS-80V, and got on with it great, but I've already used Arturia stuff in the past, so maybe i have a slight advantage.

No mac -----> No metasynth :Sad:

finally, my mate has impOSCar, and yes it is sweet. the filter is amazing to my ears. Possibly the best I've heard full stop. It really is that good.
I used Metasinth in a sound course long ago, interesting aproach to sound manipulation with the picture palette tool and quite a lot of fun too...

I could get really great sounds even with my ugly picture on there...
Speakafreaka said:
No mac -----> No metasynth :Sad:

Metasynth is PC only for now, OSX version coming soon, if that is what you meant, if you have a mac (I forget) maybe take a look at MODE from

I am fairly sure you can do anything with Reaktor with a little patience and it is possible someone has built something like what you are after already and it is just a matter of finding it on NI's site.
Right, for those of you interested, the deed is done.

Hats off to RZN8 for some good advice in another thread, I've just purchased the NI Komplete upgrade package, as I already owned FM7. It looks mo phat, as I get B4, Kontakt, Absynth 2, Reaktor 4, which I actively wanted, along with, Pro - 53, Vokator and Spektral Delay, which all look very interesting!

impOSCar can wait for now. This was to good to pass up!
Oh yeah! What a jam fool I am. Doh!

Damn Speaka, you must have just missed the pre launch offer of Komplete 2. I paid $482 for the upgrade from Absynth to Komplete, $482, what a deal, although it ended at the end of May. Great package and lots of fun.

Happy synthesis :Grin:
No guessing needed! :Grin:

I hope other software companies follow Emagic and NI's suit and realize great deals sell software not pain in the ass copy protection.

Check out the Yahoo Absynth users group and (though it is getting dated) for Aby info.

Here are some Absynth presets I will sell you for that remaining penney. You will probably have to stick a .glo extension on that file to get it working.

"The Extension array is not allowed" :no:
Hats off to RZN8 for some good advice in another thread

Glad to give something back :drinking:

Has no-one mentioned Vanguard ( A bargain at $90

Whilst there, check out the link to Vengance (did some presets for the Vanguard), where you can grab some presets for the humble Cubase A1 - keeps the CPU load low and has an extremely rich trance sound. Nice starting point for further noodling...