Paygan Waves


I wannabe spangled!
Hello there,

My name's Paul, I'm 30 and I live in Concreteland, East London. :iyes:

I market chairs by day (woo!) and DJ at night. I play full spectrum, from Chillout to Drum 'n' Bass, and yes, Psytrance in there somewhere too sometimes. Mostly the rare uplifting variety tho. I'm the lone resident DJ at a club called Edensounds (see parties thread for details), and also on the regular guestlist at Planet Angel, Planet Angel Chilled, Kalahari, Cafe Cairo and occassionally Psy Dream Temple and other London festies. I'm also volunteer-crew and regular music contributor for Whirl-y-Gig.

I've also just started a partnership - SpanglyDangly, with a talented seamstress selling psychadelic furry clothes and made-to-order clubwear. Check out the fur at


Look forward to advertising more at ya and maybe getting to know some of you better on here soon!

Waves, :dancey: :dancey: :dancey::dancey::dancey:


Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Welcome to Psy-Forum! :ibiggrin:

It's great place to meet people. You might even be able to sell a chair or two :irazz:

Just checked out your SpanglyDangly website. That Jed-Eye cloak is very cool. Not sure I could get away with the Long Rainbow Fur Coat though.

Come to think of it, not many people could! :irofl:

dave arc-i

hi paul - classy club connections going on there - you have found quite a nice place here


I wannabe spangled!
Ah Zen Cat - anyone can get away with a UV-reactive Rainbow Jed-Eye Cloak. You'd be suprised, all you have to do is put your arms in the sleeves, and *poof* you've got away with it!

Dancing in it however is another matter, perhaps suitable for those Siberian festies I keep hearing so much about.. ;-)

I've developed mischevious tendancies to lend the cloak to shy kids at Whirl-y-Gig and making them walk through the crowd in it. They get hugged, and taken photos of and stroked and smiled at and always come back with beaming smiles and loads more self esteem (I like to think), well perhaps a little less shy anyhow...


I haven't even seen it and I want it.

Welcome Paul,nice CV mate.

See you soon

Tor x