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i know fuck all about projectors and i was hoping to get a reasonable one for my computer
if anyone knows anywhere where i could get one thats not too pricey please please please pm me
its quite important
I always worry about such thigns on e-bay. If its an LCD projector you need to watch for "dead pixels" as well. Most people don't advertise how many dead pixels they have on the projector so you could quite easily get screwed over. As such id recommend buying a new one ...

What do you want the projector for? How much do you have to spend?

New projectors
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What do you want the projector for? How much do you have to spend?
a bit of VJing and for watching DVDs
You could try posting on vjforums. Here is a link to gear exchange forum: http://www.vjforums.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=15
If your doing some VJing you dont realy want to go lower than 2000 lumens as ambient light from club lighting can bleech the image on the screen. Mind you when we started we were using a 700 lumen beamer but that Im sooooo glad thats not the case any more. :lol:
Good luck :thumb:
Oh yeah... make sure you get a good screen as well. One that won't glow under UV and thats slightly reflective is best. This can make all the difference.
We've had a Kodak Luma 350 for a year now, and think it's ace. Great picture, stupidly small unit, quiet fans. Really happy with it.
Doesn't handle it well when the screen is mostly red and black, but apart from that, bonza.
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