Peavey Pro 15 Speakers / PV900 Amp

Big Dave

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Hi all

I wanted some advice on whether Peavey equipment was usable for trance music. I was looking at gettign the above system (at a very reduced price) but I am not sure if the speakers will sound good.. this is just for bedroom relatively loud use... I thought Peavey was used more for Guiter type music (less bass etc)


Or shall i just invest in some monitors.. I am looking to spend around 300-400 quid...

thanks :Smile3:


Fushion Julz

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Peavey is, as pro PA kit goes, rubbish!

But it all depends on the $$s....

Check out The Behringer B1520 (£145 each inc VAT from Boomerang sounds) and the Behringer EP2500 amp (£200 from Boomerang)...for <£500 that makes a reasonable start to a system that can be used on it's own or can be scaled up as part of a larger system. Finally, if you eventually buy a bigger rig, they can be used as monitors..
did u ever hear of it being used for trance in parties? no
for a gooooooooood reason!!
mate of mine got 'presuaded' to get some of this, AWFUL!! it's disgraceful for trance


Would never really go near Peavey for anthing myself. One exception being, perhaps, a little shitty practice amp for someone who's starting to learn the bass or guitar, they're okay for that...