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Aalborg, Denmark
Penta - Funraiser


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Artist: Penta (USA)
Title: Funraiser
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: AuraQuake (USA)
Cat. #: AQCD001
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 12 September 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’14†It Is Done
02. 07’29†Detonator
03. 07’25†Inverter
04. 08’50†Pigletango
05. 08’20†Past Holidays
06. 08’23†September
07. 08’38†Eater Of Worlds
08. 07’31†For The First Time
09. 07’51†Flash Forward

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Tales from the crypt!

Russian-born, American-based producer Nikita Tselovalnikov is out with his second album on his newly established AuraQuake label… Another dedicated psy-trance label from San Fransisco… I dunno what the hell goes on in the Bay-area, but the scene is indeed thriving there – the two releases by Dropout Productions earlier this year are still fresh – and now this! Penta really, really impressed me with his debut album Pentafiles released on Spectral Concepts in 2003, and this one has been getting quite some hype… So here’s hoping for an action-packed ride in Pentaland…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: It Is Done
“It is done!†Yikes – a spooky intro if there ever was one… Haunting, disturbing hissing – straight outta Elm Street… But fear not, this is Penta after all so it can’t be too depressing now can it? He does his best though, with a bleak atmosphere mixed up with sharp acid-stabs, spiralling synths and evil chords… Dark yes, evil maybe – but in the best possible way! The re-used Talamasca-samples are a bit over the top though – but the creepy, undecipherable voice-samples at the end make up for that… This reminds me of ancient Parvati-material like Droidsect or old Dark Soho… A very fine track indeed! =)

#02: Detonator
“Not entertaining enough… You’ll have to use the detonator! … Excellent explosion your majesty!†Now this is one demented, deranged track - complete with kitschy, old-school Commodore64 game sounds and some kind of pitched down siren or whatever the hell it is… The main melodic lead you’ll either love or hate... Personally I hate it; it really sucks beyond words… And that’s sad really, coz otherwise this is a good track… It has some really interesting ideas… I just can’t seem to get past that demented melody…

#03: Inverter
Well, the spooky hissing from track #1 is back – but at least the deranged melody from track #2 is gone… Sort of – its ugly cousin is here! Anyway, this is still a pretty nice track… Very forest-like and instantly shroom-friendly… Could have easily been a Schlabbaduerst or Ørebro composition… Cool! A very hectic and dreadfully crazy tune… Good, but not spectacular! Decent so to speak…

#04: Pigletango
“What are you talking about? I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about! … Tomorrow at midnight the light will leave the third planet and be backing home. Sorry you made the trip for nothing!†Oh yes, now we’re getting somewhere… Meet the meanest bassline this side of Alcatraz prison – fuck, it’s gargantuan in all it’s illicit, rawking simplicity… Driving, haunting, kicking up some dust – and what’s that weird morphing sound… A train passing by? Whatever the hell it is, it works wonders… This track is pure evil… Packed to the rim with dark, distorted pads and mean-ass kicks… Would mix well with oCeLoT, Kemic-Al and the likes… Brilliant track!

#05: Past Holidays
“And when the doctor said I didn’t have worms anymore that was the happiest day of my life!†We continue with another brand-spanking amazing track…The intro is packed with classic Ralph Wiggum quotes + added value psychedelia all over the place… A funny, oddball track reminiscent of Killer Buds, Phyx or Kemic-Al… So many fun little twists and turns… The Homer-solo + the climax will cause absolute havoc on the dancefloors! Oh, and not forgetting the excellent hats-off to a classic punk rock tune… Oh man – Dead Kennedy's classic track Holiday in Cambodia has immense nostalgic value to me… Reminds me of my carefree days working as a bartender in London… Skazi kinda ruined the fun in cover-versions, but it seems Penta has revived it… Coz this is so beautifully executed! Stellar track!

#06: September
“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti!†Another gruesome, gruelling intro – taken straight out of some horror-movie! As the track progresses we’re exposed to a lethal dose of acid-driven, high-power, nightly psytrance… With a murky old bassline to beat the shit out of your speakers! The Hannibal Lecter quote fits in perfectly in this grotesque track… Reminds me of Psyfactor! Spooky shit – very good spooky shit!

#07: Eater Of Worlds
“I am the eater of worlds – and of children! And you are next!! … Next on sci-fi!†… Yeah, again we’re in multi-quote land… This track is the missing link between Pennywise and The Sci-fi Channel! But first a very subtle intro… Spooky for all the wrong reasons… That naïve melody is scary as hell! But eventually the track comes into full effect – in all its staccato glory! Experimental for sure, with a sick take on darkpsy as a whole… I’m not too happy with the deranged, high-pitched melodies… They annoy me for a good portion of the track – and that pisses me off, coz again the rest of the track is pretty damn cool… But those demented melodies – they get inside my head… Aaaaargh!

#08: For The First Time
Woow – what an absolutely stomping intro! And I mean that literally! What an impressive work on the drum programming… Stomp motherfuckers! So yeah, this is an incredibly fast-paced, bouncy track… That sampled clockwork is just plain haunting and those nifty little acid-bits rocks! The pitched-up voice-sample is funny and I really like the over all oddball theme in this track… Loads of quotes from the sitcom The Nanny… Good stuff! Good track!

#09: Flash Forward
Sadly we’ve come to the last track… The intro here isn’t as cool as the rest on the album – and that’s a shame! The track itself is good though – a raging, electro-static, full-power dance track… Hectic, multilayered and dark… Save the whales! The chanting is downright creepy – and helps give this track edge… I like it! A fine way to end a remarkable album!

A remarkable album for sure! Oh yes, this was one hell of a ride… There are a couple of tracks that are ruined by some severely retarded melodies, but I hear that people flip out to those too… They are just not my cup of java! But enough with the bad sides, this album has an influx of good sides… I mean, just listen to the sheer magnitude of these tracks – so rich, so full of flavour, so funny, so fucking great… The mastering by Son Kite is also flawless and leaves little to be desired! Also the seemingly-boring artwork has a few secrets to be revealed… I like it! ;o)

This is without a doubt one of the best albums in the darkpsy segment this year – right up there with Kemic-Al’s Twisted Parameters, Para Halu’s The World Of Peace and Psyfactor’s Evil Inside… I’m not sure if this is as good as Pentafiles – but it’s equally good – a tie really! So yeah, fans of Penta and twisted, trippy, oddball darkish psy-trance should definitely check this album out! It’s pretty fucking good! Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 4(!), 5(!!), 6, 8


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Just bought this album yesterday and it fucking rocks!! Best buy for a while apart from maybe the new doof compilation Mind Games. Keep it sleazy peeps!! Also definatley have to agree about track 5 being the stand out of the album