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hi everyone . my name is pepe im form mexico i'm 26 years old i've been on the trance escene since 1998, in mexico im a promoter and dj and i'm currently taking a music production curse in london i consider that the partys here are very good, i love the atmosphere i found very friendly people so it'd be nice to met more people like that involved whit this so i hope to hear from u soon and peace ...pepe
mexican mafia @ UK

hello pepe ¡¡¡como estamos carnalito!!! =) jejej well for anyone who reads this thats some mexican slang...
im from mexico too hehehe i came to play on some gigs here and i`ve found the same nice good vibe on the parties here :Smile3:
well i hope i see you at some point of our visit to the big island :Grin:

cheers :Wink3:
hey Pepe :welcome: to england dude. Quite funny you being greeted by Tron who is on a visit here. If you would like to meet up checkout the party link below... :sun:
cheers percy :Grin: thanks 4 the link :P i couldnt find it... :punk:

hehe im a visitor but i feel just like home :Smile3: (or better) ... you have a wonderful place here.

ok cya later dude :Smile3: i hope we`ll meet at that party as well

simon maijo :Grin: conoces a la zyn? estaba hablando con ella hace ratito jeje


de que conoces a la chaparrita?? :punk: es a toda madre :Smile3:

sorry 4 al peeps that can`t understand that hehehe some mexican mafia here on the forum exchanging contacts ... :P

pin pon papas