Phar-Psyde Records Brand new website!

Electric Mirror

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Hello everyone!

Phar-psyde Record's brand new website is up and running…and looking dam good! Theres lots of cool info inc all the artists and Dj’s profiles…so you can get up close and personal with some of the nutters who have bringing you fine psycedelia over the past few years..

There’s also a write up of the new Phar-psyde release ‘Ignition Sequence’ an album that’s set to launch them into the scene..

So please check it out and feel free to say what you think!


Electric Mirror

Organic Hybrid & Mr Mirra
It seems like its abit slow the first time you load it up, sorry about that..reakon it’s just temporary, and dont worry, it does eventually load, so please be patient. Thanks!! :ibiggrin:


Looking top guys, really nice site and all that. Can't wait to hear the CD! Keep it up....



cooool site :iyes: love the trippy trees :Grin:

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
works for me :Smile3: Nice site Paul. All the best with the release fella

Phar Psyde

Potatoe Farmers
Good to get some feedback peeps. We do have a couple of technical problems with the flash animations. The whole site is flash and hense why it takes so long to load. We are workking on the glitches but bear with us. For those of you who have seen it I'm glad you like it. Also watch out for IGNITION SEQUENCE out on Monday.

BOM!!! :Smile3:


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OK!! So we seem to have found one of the main reasons you might be having troubles logging onto the site. YOU NEED FLASH PLAYER 8 TO ACCESS THE SITE!!

If you dont have this on your current browser then you can download it forr free at

The bugs are still being ironed out but we will get there in the end!

Thanks for the words of encouragement and looking forward to seeing you all at the bar psyde in the near future. :Smile3:

Electric Mirror

Organic Hybrid & Mr Mirra
Ahoy Dude!

How ya been? Yeah website is killa..:icool:

Can you do me a favour and PM me Bens number? Pauls being a lazy Mo-fo and hasent sent it to me yet! :irolleyes

Thanks Bro! :ibiggrin: