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Well hello to one and all who frequent this forum. After many set backs and wierd flips and flopps, phar psyde records are finally preparing for our entry to earth.

We are a collective of wreck headz who love nothing more than a good giggle n a wiggle. That and getting our anaraks on to moan about the current state of some of the music being released today.

AS A RESULT...... we had a bit of a brain fart and decided to put together a showcase album of fresh UK blood and hopefully bring a different and phar more humourous psyde to music that the trance scene that seems to be lacking of late.

But enough blurb about all that.... see and hear for yourself.

Our first record release is now and you lovley people are all invited to join the fun. Download the album from our website and play to your hearts content. The only price we ask for this album is a smile and if you can spare it a bit of feedback either on here or to

To celebrate this monsterous case of cranial flatulence we have two phat parties lined up in december to bring you the gnarly harmonix transmitted from the phar psyde.

December 4th @tramps in plymouth (Morganism, Loke and Gacid + residents at digital blasphemy) and December 18th @ the Rocket, London (Black Cadillac, Epsilon, Loke, Psyfer and Gacid) hosted by tribal shamanix (big thanks guys)
In the mean time blah blah blah blah psychedelic blah blah music nonsence and stuff...