~~~phase 2 (various)~~~

Reaction score
1. brain xl - A great start (mack and the wrecked machines guy) – good intro, lovely sounding, slick, dancy, cheeky, and you can definitely hear gaby’s/gabe’s influence

2. species’ cheeky tune is very familiar and absolutely wicked! Heard in then liquid tent last weekend, it’s sure to get everyone grinding and smiling – it’s a wicked tune with a comedy element whilst still being serious

3. wrecked m – great to hear them again on etnicanet, sounded more like the old than the new spun – a beautiful track rising falling, building up and up and up yummy

4. pleiadiens rmxed by species – cant quite remember but good again, with almost a goa sounding layer at times, think I must have popped upstairs

5. unison – pan’s track is amazing – really really good nuff said, stomping rolling stunning bomb

6. etnica – show they are still streets ahead of the rest of the pack with this epic masterpiece, a tune that tells a story from beginning to end and shows just how god dam rude m and m’s music is…please god can they come back to London this winter *dribble* layers, noises, perfection, serious music from awesome musicians

7. I’m afraid for the last 3 tracks I was cooking…. droidlock – sounded pretty god damn good from the kitchen

8. strider - sounded like the least strong tune of the cd (but not weak by any means!)

9. otc – sounded like a funky more disco tune than the rest

:!: can’t encourage people enough to get their hands on this – etnicanet show once again that they are one of the only few truly serious labels out there and this will not disappoint – I’d honestly say I wanna play 7/9 tracks out – pretty damn high score!!!!!!!!!!! wax the dancefloor!!!!!!
Phase 1 was excellent so I'm thinking Phase 2 will be equally good!
Nice review Georgie.
canyouhearthegoblins said:
7. I’m afraid for the last 3 tracks I was cooking…. droidlock – sounded pretty god damn good from the kitchen

:jump: :Grin: :lol:
No stereotypecasting here then!?

I couldn't be bothered to really listen to the CD coz I wasn't in the mood. Go buy it yourself already!

Bloody racket if you ask me... :lol1:
who needs raja ram's "rip-stonking, chillum tonking" reviewing skills when we have georgie!! :lol1:
i have to agree... this comp is definitely worth the moona, going in my travel battle-case for sure.

I Wanna hear Brain XL and Wrecked Machines, know this geeza is capable of loadz!! :Wink3: