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I've just ordered this from chaos unlimited, and all the track snippets sounded pretty good, but they do tend to cherry pick, which you can't blame them for!

Has anyone got any views on wether i've wasted my money or not?

i also got hold of absolute threshold, eclipse, and hypnoplant.

Any opinions on these?
Not a bad comp. Havent really given it a proper listen to but tracks 5 and 7 are my favs. :Smile3:

don't listen to any of the comments above..

When Phase One came out last year just before the summer the whole lot of us got blown away as there's pretty much something for all the family!!

Two favourite tunes on that, Wrecked Machines - Surround Travel and Etnica - Seven Dust. Completely different style, one morning and one nighttime epic..

I'm a bit surprised you bought it now but it's definitely money well spent.

If you ask me, Etnicanet do not ever disappoint.

Look out for Phase Two coming soon

p.s: I just had a look and Phase One is STILL in my case logic...
Nice trax included on this Speakafreaka.....
Good choise.It's a serious comilation!!!!!
Thanks for the above comments, all interesting, just goes to prove nothings certain. Here are 2 reviews for you!

Phase One - et-005

Track 1) Species - The T Factor
Nice way to open - distorted trumpets lead into distorted beats!When things kick off, its a slice of acid tweaky dark trance. Lots of high pitch rythmic zapping, and voicey things wobbling around. Also, interesting percussion development. goes into a slidey up/down resonant lead. A wobbly hard track!

Track 2) Droid - Candle Wax(live mix)
I would like this track, but i don't like kickat all. nice almost 303esque lines, and interesting melodies.but the kick really, really sucks. Simplistic rythym too! Sorry

Track 3) Atomic Pulse - Hallucination
This is a much better track. Nice low groovy bass. Good wooshy noises and pad noises. Very nice thumpy kick. It changes direction, subtly and nicely on a number of occasions too. Some nice bubbly blippy subtle stab synths. Quite a deep number! Some very well worked out developments.

Track 4) Wizzy Noise - Insane Drums
Lads, Lads!!!!! What have you done???? Bring back the cybermancy sound! NOW!! This is a competent track. I actually quite like it, with all the floaty atmospheres in the background, but everyone is doing this, now, and how i wish they'd do something like 'oversexed succubus' again. The drums are not very insane either.

Track 5) Gaby + Max - The honour
This is a great track. Wobble, wobble stuff, and a wicked moving bass, everything is just right. Beautiful acid lines wafting away into the night, over a growling core of chunky beats and mesmeric treats!

Track 6) Etnica - Seven Dust
Nice militaristic opening. Again, an absolute corker of a track. Really, really tough 'engine'. Feathery melodies drift in and out, and static noises strrrreeeeeeetch you, holding your attention. Then it gets going!! OUCH!!!!

Track 7) Wrecked Machines - Surround Travel
Interesting bass. It's not in the root note of the key! This is a fairly fluffy little number, but its still got a nice deep kick, and lots going on to hold your interest. More traditionally melodic than some of the other stuff on here too.

Track 8) Alternate Vision - Cripple
Back to the evil! Chugger of a bass and nice thwock kick. Very odd rythym, but very good too! Scary dark noises woosh out at you, quite a mesmeric track. Very very creepy melody, panning around slowly.

Track 9) Species - Rocks
This track is AWESOME. simple as that really. Again very mesmeric, and VERY hard. Rythmically driven, although its still got time for tripped out noises, and a weird, weird (think peak time dance floor destroyer)melody!

Eclipse - et010

Track 1) Rinkadink - Kookyaboom rmx
A dark one. Lots of weird affected drum patches, to the point were it you wonder if this works on the dancce floor or not... still undecided. There's only one way to find out! My other concern is that this is 'double take' music... Once I've learnt what happens where, will i still like it? For the now though, this is absolutely bloody great. Very, very twisted

Track 2) Wrecked Machines - Obscure Land
Another great track from wrecked machines! Tickly melodies lift you higher and higher. It would be rude not to dance to this.

Track 3) Pleidaians - Inner Space
Definate marching vibes here! Kinda old school melodies abound over a frankly stomping bass and kick. Simplistic rythym, but it is'nt the focus of this track. A upbeat and happy atmosphere pervades this track, to it's benefit.

Track 4) Lotus Omega - Skyline (live mix)
This is an inpenetrable track to me. But that can be a good thing. In places it sets out to prove that pitch is a secondary consideration to tone, and i think i agree! Sort of not really dark or fluffy, just maaaaaddddd. And quite fat.

Track 5) Manmademan - Creation Myth
YES!!! This track rocks. Lots of acid squelchs, for a nice danceable track. I haven't heard anything for a long time from manmademan, so this was particularly welcome. Its like he kept all the good bits, and improved the rest beyond compare. The sonic equivalent of nitrous!

Track 6)Droidlock Vs. Shirkan - Tuning
Someone's been listening to radio! This track is great. Those creepy melodies are abounding again, and this gets an almost sad and lost atmosphere going on, which isn't to say that it lacks energy. It becomes quite hypnotising. Nice pitter-pat rythyms. A good track.

Track 7) Soundaholix - Psycircus rmx
welll..... I should like this track, but... I don't! Production is great, but i can't help feeling this is adhereing to the psy-trance check list of 'how to make a fat track'. It may sound crystal clear, but it also sounds formulaic. Sorry to be negative, but there you are, and i really wanted to like this track!

Track 8) Etnica vs. Wrecked Machines - The Honour (live mix)
YOU MUST HEAR THIS. This is the best of the lot as far as i'm concerned. Absolute ruddy perfection. I can't wait to hear this on a big sod off sound system! I won't even bother trying to describe it, just go and get it!

Track 9) X-Wave & Melica - Get Ready
Uck. For some reason when i listen to this, i am reminded of BT's 'flaming june' I would have been happy if they'd left it at 8, or even just put an old etnica track. This doesn't belong with the rest.