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Just a quick top 10 of stuff im playin at the mo'.< none psy>

1- Iboga -New entry <chill>
2- Ease division <psy dub chill>
3- Sound Murderer <jungle>
4- Brockie, old skool classics mix

  1. 5- Eek-a-mouse <reggae>
    6- Buju Banton, 'til shiloh album <ragga/reggea>
    7- Red Rat 'oh no' <ragga>
    8- Marcus Garvey, Burning Spear album. <reggae/dub>
    9- Trojan Dub compilation
    10- oh, and re listening to some old techno too, Chris liberators 'set fire' album

    Random but hey. whatever makes ya............................... :partysmi:

    anyone got some none psy top ten thats worth a mention?
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6- Buju Banton, 'til shiloh album <ragga/reggea>

ahhh Buhu Banton, used to listen to a bit of this, and just the other week realised my friend had an album on his computer..... oh the memories.

Actually suprisingly good still :Wink3: