Pioneer 500 Mk1's vs Pioneer 100's


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Ashford, Kent
I've been offered a good deal on a set of Cdj 500's!!

I allready have a set of 100's, but was thinking about selling them and buying the 500's!! They seem better built and better quality, and I won't have to pay much more for them. Have people played of the two sets? Which do prefer?

Any help advice would be appreciatedn :Grin:
It doesn't really answer your question, but in my opinion save up for the 1000s - a whole new league. Especially if you learnt to mix on vinyl first.
I've used both and IMO the 100's are MUCH nicer to use. The cue time is a lot quicker and the 'feel' of the jog wheel is much nicer, feels like it's damped to me. Also I've seen a lot of 500's with knackered buttons. I don't know if this is because they may have had a harder life but I've seen it less on the 100's. The 500's do have looping tho (I think on the mk1's they did??? anyone help) but ask urself if u really need it or is it just a gimmick.
Don't buy Pioneer!

Unreliable, poorly built and supported...

Both Denon and Numark are *miles* better in both build quality and design...You also stand a better chance of getting some support if the things pack up and it is less likely to cost and arm and leg to fix.

I have recently bought (cheaply) a pair of CDJ500 II...they are absoloute pants compared to the Numark Axis 8s I already have...

Both the pioneers have had new lasers within the last year...One is already fucked...Pioneer supply raw parts at twice the price of the equivalent, calibrated and matched part from Numark!! Also they take ages to come and cost over double to get service manuals for, too!
The guy who does my repairs recommends Numark for build quality...

I suspect the Technics decks due out shortly will also be excellent....

Numark now do Axis 9s @ £299 each....they have the jog wheel and function set of the CDJ800 in a smaller, better put together chassis...try them, you will be surprised how good they are...
sorry julz thats rubbish.
i cant comment on support or repairs, but at the end of the day the pioneers (100's) are the best at getting a good performance when djing (SOLiD).
dont buy numark!!! bad jog, bad bad fx, and not a quick cue.
ive played on them and hated it.... on your rig i think julz (!)
but the reality is - you prefer what you are most used to using.....but seen as most systems at most psy parties use the pioneers id say to any serious dj buy pioneers cause like techincs they are the standard.
but getting back to the original question - i prefer 100's. the 500's are a little too sensitive. and yeah, top loading too.
No Nik, not rubbish....

I never said the Numarks were the best for the DJ "experience", but only that Pioneers are shite...all of them! But especially the cheap(er) ones...

Don't like Numarks? Then buy Denon...
Gotta gree with Nik there. I've used 3 different types of Pioneer deck, and they have all been excellent. I own a pair of 100s and am very happy with them. Like Nik said tho I cant comment on the support/repairs but for performance/durability, pioneer are excellent (IMO). Having said that the Numark Axis 8s are also good and I didnt have any problems with them either. Only real complaint, as previously mentioned, is the slower cueing.
People have always and will always have different opinions on decks tho.
Abso-bloody-lootly, Kev...

Opinions are just that...opinions...

However, Pioneer sell their CDJs as professional kit...
When I buy any pro kit (amps, speakers, effects, decks, etc) I expect the level of support that goes with the price tag and the pro definition...

If my HiFi CD deck goes down, then it isn't so important if it gets fixed this week, next week or next month...Indeed, if it only cost £150, it matters less if it never gets fixed.
On the other hand, if I have a pair of CDJ1000s that cosy £1500,odd, and they need a *fuse* I don't expect to have problem getting them fixed a]promptly and b]at a reasonable cost!

The acid test of pro gear for me (as a rig owner) is what happens when you need the back-up.
Some companies bend over backwards to help sort the problem: Harman (C-Audio, Crown, JBL, BSS, PD, Studiocraft, and several more) Formula Sound, Technics/Panasonic and Numark have all been excellent...Even if the equipment is long discontinued...Harman even fixed 2 of my C-Audio amps while I waited and watched so I could complete a gig without having to borrow or hire any replacement gear!!
Haven't (yet) had to test out QSC or Behringer as their kit has been reliable and the only Behringer bits to fail were swapped out by the dealers under warranty.
OHM, on the other hand, along with Pioneer get the wooden spoon for customer service. At least OHM understand about "pro users"...but they muddied themselves by arguing with me rather than sorting out *their* problem and then refusing to service my (old) amp!
But Pioneer are by far the worst...expensive parts, unknowledgeable and rude customer service people, poor service agents and zero spares availability in the UK.
All absolutely true, but as has been said the 'experience' of Pioneers is better for many people (those who haven't been unfortunate to suffer a breakdown)

FYI Julz, QSC service is also excellent, FilthyDom had a 24hr turnaround on one of his amps that got knackered in his abscence.
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (nik @ Feb 25 2004, 10:29 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> , but at the end of the day the pioneers (100's) are the best at getting a good performance when djing (SOLiD).
Thats right mate i have one axis 8 and a cdj 800, i prefer the 800 its on the button and its so tight' 100's are spot on as well if i had half a chance i would get rid of my axis 8 im not say there shit i learnt to mix cd's on them, from one cd deck to a vinyl deck pioneer are just better and easy to use and at all most every partys rig has them :wacko:

I've got a pair of 100s and they are solid, reliable and idiot proof - as are everyone elses I know who's got a pair. As you can get a pair second hand for about £300 & they are very common - I'd recommend them if you're looking for something basic.

But Julz is right about poor service - my mate had a pair of old 500s then got the newer smaller one - both top loading & has had all sorts of problems & shit service from Pioneer. When they work - they are great - but DJing out with the fear that they may stop working isnt the most relaxing of experiences - ( though giving them time to warm up seems to cure all problems)

Interestingly Pioneer no longer seem to do top loading CDJs...
Think Pioneer still do the CDJ500s (the little top loader).

Worth knowing that these are a real nightmare to fix as to get to the laser half the mecahanism and boards need to be stripped out. This makes them *very* expensive to fix...

If anyone is interested, I have been offered deals on CDJ800 from either Italy or Romania for <£400 per pair. Duty will need to be paid on the Romanian ones and shipping on both..
The catch is the ONLY method of payment accepted is by Western Union money transfer (totally unsecured).
I gave it a miss on the basis that it sounds to good to be true and is probably a rip-off, but if anyone has a spare £400 or so and fancies a punt, let me know and I'll forward the mails...
Cheers for the advice :Grin: , think i am going to stick with the 100's, I just hope they don't need fixing, by the what Julz was saying!! :blink: