Pioneer CDJs for Sale

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
I have a pir of Pioneer CDJ500II decks (the big ones) for sale:

1 deck has a new laser and works perfectly
1 deck needs a laser and although it works, is VERY susceptable to poor discs or external vibrations

Both decks come in a coffin style flight case in aluminium faced ply with strong corners and edging...a proper "flight" case, in other words!
There is space inside to fit a 12" wide style mixer (like the DJM 500/600, for example) but there is no mixer included.

The laser can be purchased and fitted for around £100-120 (depending on your repair agent)

I reckon the good one is worth £150, the not so good one £75 and the case £75

However, I'll accept £275 for the lot (not interested in splitting the deal up).

PM me if you're interested.

***Ideal for a practice set-up, not so suitable for playing out***

Picture at II_1.jpg

Nanook said:
souns like a good deal i rekon....why u say they not suitable for playing out?

I assume because the laser's more than like to crap out just before you drop that new white label unrelease killargh to a packed dance floor.

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
Turkey man has it good...

Actually, even in tip-top, this decks are prone to an vibrations/shocks....bit like vinyl, only more so cos unlike SL1200s they are pretty lightweight.
The later Piosneer decks have anti-skip memory (10secs on the 500s, 20secs on the 100s, etc)...

You CAN use them to play out (but I'd recommend getting the laser fixed, first) only take some thick foam with you especially if the floor is sprung or made of wood...Outdoors or concrete floors tend to be OK...

Any takers?