Pioneer DVJ-X1


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Pioneer DVJ-X1
Realtime DVD Video Manipulation

DVD Digital Audio Player

Disc Format
DVD Video, DVD-R(Video Mode), DVD-RW(Video Mode), CD, CD-R, CD-RW

Power Requirements
AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption
47 W

Net Weight
7.3Kg (16.1lb)

( WxDxH ) 348 x 451 x 128 mm

Frequency Response
4Hz to 20kHz (CD)
4Hz to 44kHz (DVD, 96kHz )
Signal To Noise Ratio
115 dB or more (JEITA)

Distortion 0.006% (JEITA)

Master Output

Composite Video
1 x (RCA)
1 x (BNC)
Component Video
1 x (BNC)

1 x (4 pin mini-DIN)

Preview Output

Composite Video
1 x (RCA)
1 x (BNC)
1 x (4 pin mini-DIN)

Audio Output

Master Audio (2 ch.) 1 x (RCA)
Digital Output (coaxial)
1 x (RCA)

Control Terminal
1 x 1/8 inch Phone Jack

* Specifications and design are subject to possible modification without notice.

The future of DJing and audio-visual entertainment is here. The DVJ-X1, a jaw dropping market first from Pioneer, allows users to manipulate and playback synchronised digital audio and video like never before. This ground-breaking unit combines the proven Pioneer CD Jog Dial technology with the flexibility and capacity of DVD, which has become the most popular video format in Europe in just 5 years according to industry analysts Screen Digest*. From now on it's possible to manipulate you DVD video with the same handling as vinyl but with the precision of the CDJ-1000MK2.

The phenomenal success of DVD technology proves that the future of AV entertainment is digital. And having forged the path from vinyl to CD in the world of dance music, Pioneer is now leading the way towards the creation of a completely original leisure activity and the emergence of a new breed of performer – the DVJ – combining the skills of a DJ and VJ.

The younger generation of AV-literate DJs who want to add exciting and dynamic visuals to their live performances will discover a world of extraordinary creative opportunities thanks to this innovation from Pioneer Pro DJ. And clubs, bars and other venues (many of which are already investing in visual and audio systems) will use the DVJ-X1 to amaze customers with a totally unique AV experience.

The remarkable DVJ-X1 also establishes a platform for dance music labels keen to market their releases, since there are few opportunities currently available to show promotional videos from this sector.

With the world-famous Pioneer Jog Dial at its centre, the DVJ-X1 looks just like the company’s CDJ-1000MK2 CD player. And what’s even more radical is that the DVJ-X1 mimics that unit’s functionality – with the added capacity to playback DVDs as well as CDs.

Armed with a state-of-the-art DVD drive, the DVJ-X1 has a more advanced, more reliable laser than any CD player, as the 38 million European households owning a DVD player/recorder in 2002* will testify. What’s more, the DVJ-X1 is compatible with all established CD formats, as well as DVDs**, so the unit truly breaks down the boundaries between the once-separate audio and video domains.

By imitating the form and functionality of the CDJ-1000MK2, the DVJ-X1 will present no problems to digital DJs used to performing live on the established club favourite. And crucially, DVJs will be able to use Pioneer’s new unit to manipulate DVD visuals in exactly the same way as they would music. So real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible with the awesome DVJ-X1, while the video and audio streams always stay in perfect sync, even when they’re being reversed and pitched.

To add yet another dimension to this mind-blowing concept, Pioneer envisages a near-future scenario where two DVJ-X1s are linked together via a fully integrated audio and visual mixer. This set-up will allow the digital sound and vision from the two separate sources to be mixed and scratched on the fly – in the same way as DJs create audio mixes in their live sets today.

The DVJ-X1 offers even greater flexibility in performance by including on-board memory capacity as well as a SD Card slot – just like the CDJ-1000MK2. On the DVJ-X1, this allows for AV loops and cue points to be stored, either on-board or on a removable MMC (up to 500 loop or cue points on the card that’s bundled with the DVJ-X1). During playback, the saved cue and loop points can be searched, selected and previewed using an external monitor that’s connected via the preview output. Pioneer’s new unit also has an emergency loop feature, making it even more user-friendly. At the press of a button, this automatically loops four beats seamlessly, in line with the BPM, to allow a DVJ extra time to mix from one track to another.

If the DVJ-X1 is to be used as a direct replacement for an installed CDJ-1000MK2, only minor changes will be needed in the DJ booth since the new unit is just 25% larger. And to gain the full benefit of the DVJ-X1, play-out venues will obviously need to have both an output screen (plasma or similar) and preview screen. A mixer will also be required, although Pioneer is developing a video switcher as an interim solution to interface with the Fader Start function of many professional audio mixers.

The DVJ-X1’s audio outputs are either digital S/PDIF or standard RCA stereo connectors, while video is either BNC (with component and composite) or S-Video and RCA composite output. S-Video and RCA composite ports are also available for hooking up to a preview monitor, while the only other connections are a fader start and a sync BNC for the video switcher.

In short, the Pioneer DVJ-DVJ-X1 brings together existing AV technologies into a single unit that interfaces with currently available software and hardware to introduce a completely new form of entertainment. This unique unit delivers on two levels. Not only does the DVJ-X1 satisfy the needs of digital DJs and their dance-floor audiences right now, but even more importantly, it future-proofs all venues in setting an unprecedented standard for crowd-pleasing performance by the new generation of stars: DVJs.

Revolutionary Video Control
Realtime DVD Video Manipulation is possible - anything you could do with vinyl, and more, can now be done with DVD Video.

Hot Cue (sampler)
Memorizes up to 3 cue points per DVD/CD. These points can then be recalled by hitting either of the A, B or C buttons. This function can also be used like a mini sampler adding amazing versatility to a video show.

Instant reverse is controlled by using a flickable switch. With no loss of tempo or pitch, it can be used immediately within any track without having to stop or start. Reverse can also be used with the Hot Cue and the Loop Sampler providing endless combinations and effects.

Real Time Seamless Loop
A quick and simple way to set a loop while a track is playing. Once the loop is set, it can then be looped continuously or until the ReLoop / Exit button is pressed. When released, the track continues playing without any pause. The loop can be re-trigged at any time by hitting the ReLoop button

Loop Out Adjust
You have the ability to adjust the Out point of a loop stored in memory. So now fine tuning a loop is both quick and easy.

Hitting the Reloop button instantly takes you back to the beginning of the loop stored in the DVJ-X1’s memory. This can be done either while the loop is playing or at any time while the current track is playing. Clever use of Reloop can create some sample like effects. The same loop is always stored in memory until replaced with a new loop.

Emergency Loop
The Emergency Loop automatically creates a 4 beat loop based on the BPM of the track.

SD - SecureDigital Memory
The DVJ-X1 has a memory feature that lets you store Wave data and Cue and Loop points with a thumbnail image* (thumnail for DVD memory points only). The data can be stored on a removable memory card (SD) or the player's internal memory. The removable SD card can also be used in any DVJ-X1, so once you’ve stored your favorite cue and loop points you can take them with you. (A 16MB SD card is supplied with the player which will hold 500 memory points.)

Cue / Loop Memory
Once you set a cue or loop point you can save it to either the internal memory or SD card by hitting this button.

Gets rid of those Cue or Loop points that you shouldn’t have bothered saving in the first place.

A quick and easy way to scroll through saved cue and loop points.

Wave Data
Audio Wave data is always saved on to the SD when inserted and then appears instantly.

Standard DVD/CD Control Buttons
High Quality Aluminium buttons – Track Search, Search, Cue and Play / Pause.

Advanced DVD Control Buttons
All the common DVD controls are available - 4 way directional control, Enter, Menu, Track Menu, Setup

Jog Dial
Cue your track with the world’s largest touch sensitive jog dial (7†/ 206mm diameter) designed to emulate the control characteristics of a Vinyl Turntable, together with all the features from Pioneer’s industry standard CDJ range of CD players. The DVJ-X1 offers a feel similar to the familiar CDJ-1000MK2.

Pitch Bend
Is used to either speed up or slow down the tempo of the video and audio depending on the direction the jog dial is rotated – either forward or reverse.

Jog Mode
The DVJ-X1 can be set in either Vinyl or CDJ mode. In CDJ mode, the jog dial functions just like a Pioneer CDJ player, but without the touch sensitivity.

Scratch Play / Cue
When the DVJ-X1 is in vinyl mode, the top of the jog dial functions just like a Vinyl Turntable. Pressing down stops the music and allows you to scratch or cue your track by rotating the jog dial in either direction.

Vinyl Speed Adjust Touch/Brake
This allows adjustment in the speed at which the DVD/CD slows down until it stops.

Vinyl Speed Adjust Release/Start
This allows adjustment of the speed at which the CD returns to normal playback speed.

Master Tempo
Pioneer’s Master Tempo locks the pitch of the audio track even when you change the speed. You can speed up or slow down the beat without any noticeable difference in how the vocal and instruments sound.

Tempo Control
A 100mm linear high precision slider connected to a 0.02% (at +/- 6% and +/- 10%) adjustment indication on the display panel. Gives the DJ’s that total control and ensures that the tempo adjustment is easy and accurate.

Tempo Control Range
Ranges of +/- 6%, +/-10%, +/-16% and +/-100% can be assigned to the Tempo Control slider to offer an amazing range of adjustment for more creative mixes.

Tempo Control Reset
Resets the tempo to 0% or original tempo of the track regardless of the slider position. The button has been recessed to prevent accidental selection.

Eject Button & CD Lock
The DVJ-X1 does have a guard to prevent you from accidentally pressing it the eject button. The disc is locked until the track is stopped. This can be deactivated as well if you are looking to do quick mixes.

Multi-Read Format
The DVJ-X1 can read DVD Video, DVD-R (Video Mode), DVD-RW (Video Mode), CD, CD-R and CD-RW disks**.

Front Loading
Loading discs without having to open doors or trays makes swapping discs and selecting tracks that much faster. It also helps to keep dirt and any nasty substances out of the drive’s working parts.

Auto Cue
This is the fastest way to find the beginning of a track. The sound level can also be changed to suit your style of music (-36db to –78db). There is also an option to turn it off if you prefer to cue up your CD tracks manually.

Manual Cue
Cue points can be set anywhere on the DVD/CD using either the Vinyl or CDJ mode. Adjustment is made by using either the jog dial or manual search buttons. The cue point is automatically stored in the internal memory (If SD is inserted in DVJ-X1, the cue point is automatically stored in the SD.) until it is overwritten with a new cue point. (Jog resolution for both audio for Vinyl and CDJ modes - 135 frames per revolution / 75 frames = 1 second. Resolution for video for Vinyl and CDJ modes - 135 frames per revolution / 30 frames = 1 second.)

Real Time Cue
A cue point can be set on the fly and stored into the internal memory by just simply hitting the In / Real-time cue button.

Cue Marker Display
The current cue point is indicated within the jogdial's center display to show where the cuepoint is relative to the current play position.

Fader Start / Back Cue
Start When the DVJ-X1 is used with the DJM-909, DJM-707, DJM-600, DJM-500, DJM-300S or DJM-3000 mixer, you can start the music by sliding the cross fader. By sliding the fader back, it will return the DVJ-X1 back to the previously selected cue point.

Built For The Professional DJ / VJ
To prevent accidental CD ejection or loss of mains power, the DVJ-X1 has safety guards around the power and eject buttons together with a locking feature.

Relay Play
Connecting two DVJ-X1’s with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug cable allows one unit to be put on standby whilst the other plays. Relay Play automatically starts the second player enabling them to play 'back to back' to give you endless music play.

Legato Link Conversion For High Quality Sound (CD Audio Only)
Equipped with Pioneer’s wide r ange technology– Legato Link Conversion. The DVJ-X1 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback. Not only does this give great sound reproduction but sounds closer to the original recording and more analog like vinyl.

Shock-Proof Memory
Sound jumps or skipping is prevented by using a 16 second shock-proof memory for normal DVD/CD play (minimum of 10 seconds if scratching and reading wave data at the same time in Vinyl mode).

Oil-dampened floating suspension prevents sound skipping, even when the player is subjected to impact during use or vibrations generated from high volume music and low frequency bass.

Digital Output
The DVJ-X1 is equipped with full-feature digital output. This means you can keep your scratching and master tempo playback entirely in the digital domain. Users who simply want to use the digital output for archival purposes may do so via the digital mode switch on the rear of the unit.

** The DVJ-X1 does not play DVD-Audio (192 KHz 24-bit), Super Audio CDs or MP3.
I don't think so...

One of them is about $3000, so $6k and then you are going to need a video mixer a preview monitor and a playback monitor/projector. So probably $8k+ out of the box and it can't play DVD audio.

For that kind of money I would get a 17 inch top of the line G4 with Arkaos VJ, Motion Dive Tokyo, Modul8 and Traktor DJ a few midi contorlers and with the spare $2-3k I would get a projector or two. Granted one can't DJ and VJ at the same time but who really wants to do that.

Just think about it, if the next DJ doesn't have his music on DVD with video then the thing is just going to sit there not getting used until a D/VJ shows up at the party and what "good" DJ is going to bother with this.

"The DVJ-X1, a jaw dropping market first from Pioneer", my jaw would drop if I were a Pioneer stock holder. :mad:

I think this is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

[Rant off]
Pretty damning rant! I say a cool idea, interesting potential, and I'm sure there are some DJs or perhaps more VJs already getting excited about it. Whether they can afford it is another matter, but everything drops in price over time.
Looks like fun to me plus.. I wouldn’t mind an ashtray on a motorcycle of course you would need a helmet with a pipe that was connected to a load of tobacco on the top smoking away, but what a pretty picture. If we're not aloud to smoke in public places soon it my prove to be the only way to smoke.
Been looking at getting a pair of these for the last year since they first out, but the
price is so prohibitive, especially when you can get two laptops for the prices as well as an a/v top range mixer to go with them, which do the job much better and still have
a grand left over (maybe as empty-1 says get a projector with it!!!).
Until they come down to the £500 mark for each unit I think they will remain a pipe
dream unless i win the lottery!
plus you got to think about getting the DVD media for them, and apart from myself
who regularly overlays graphics onto psy-trance you might find it difficult to get
enough material to play out!!!
i think that they are maybe overpriced dvd players!!
interesting concept....way too expensive!! kym and myself debated over these for an evening and decided
could work if they were titled cdj-1000's mk 3! (for the same price!)
Quite like the idea but it would be better as a strict dvd mixer (jack of all trades master of none and all that)... i just dont like kit thats not job specific.
And surely two decks/channels just would only do for basic visuals ?!?
id like to see a 4 drive unit with monitors in one package.
Nanook said:
Quite like the idea but it would be better as a strict dvd mixer (jack of all trades master of none and all that)... i just dont like kit thats not job specific.

what about computers? :Smile3:

it seems to make sense to me. obviously its expensive as nu tech is. out of underground grubby mitts...
its really first stage serious av controller and brings "play" into,er, play.
once basic visual effects are part of normal package- trails, phase, etc, will be so much fun to use.. fun= creativity+!

essentially digital A/V uses similar production methods- the programme tools at the pooty end are strikingly similar. so it seems the obvious way forward.

look forward to visual scratching..............