pixies live... and magic happens


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under a mushroom...
Hello.... to everyone around here... i m so happy to see so many nice people gathered in one place.... :jump: :jump:

I m dimitra... and among all other pixies, i i think im just waking up to the summer.... i cant wait for summer festivals and loads of time in the sun and sea..... :sun:

Born in Greece (from flowers of course).... but live in england for studies, so as i am a sun child i chose to sleep through my studies in rainy england.....

anyone knows of any outdoor partys around london before july?? please let me know...

party on people :bananada:

Check the Parties section for info :Wink3:

Welcome to Psyforum UK :drinking: :Smile3:
hello there
welcome aboard this most splendid of ships
have to agree with 52dsl on the party thing, either that or go to cyberdog in camden an grab a handful of flyers!!!!!

:Grin: thaks to everyone for the lovely warm welcomes :wub: , and the coffee orders...hehehe... :lol1:
I cant wait to meet you all at the party on saturday, it has been a while since i last went to a party, u know all the sleep and stuff... :shrooms:
woohooo!!!!! party... party.... party.....

its summer though and it would be nice to be able to see the moon go down and the sun come up dont you think??... i did get excited for a moment and started jumping up and down for the after party, but its not happening :sob: out doors.. sniff...

Anyway its still all good, and i m already in party mode... heheh..
:jump: :jump: :jump:
jump for joy...
magic doesnt exist. unless its done by paul daniels or david copperfield
benny fli said:
magic doesnt exist. unless its done by paul daniels or david copperfield

My dearest benny i m talking about magic honey not elusion, actual magic is everywhere you look... :wizard1:
I dont think its about bunnies that come out of top hats or people that are being sliced in the middle!
There is a little bit of magic inside of you, and me and everyone, is what makes everyone smile to you, your magic..
Havent you ever dreamt of something and then it actually happened? :wizard1:
Whenever pixies are happy and loved, MAGIC HAPPENS :wizard1:
have fun...
Ahhh.... I like this subject!

Magic or coincidence? Dreams are fecking cool...
I have had some crazy dream/life thingys with lotsa creepy dejavoo....
Some experiences where amazing whilst others well... umm.. not quite as much...

Not to sure if I would like to think that magic can be dark too?.... :?
Prefer the happier option.... :Grin:
coincidence?? :crazy:
hmmmm... deviant.... i really dont think anything is coincidental, things happen for a reason...
and dreams have a meaning, there are past lives propably involved in the deja-vu and your dream experiences get influenced by your subconcious and everything that goes on around you, even if you are not conciously aware of it.
now if all those experiences have to do with.... :shrooms: .... well thats a whole different story... hehehe

and anyway, i dont think it can be dark for you, because you prefere the happier option :P

tell me more about amazing experiences.... :hehe: