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Plastik Park is back!!!

After a short hiatus, we are happy to announce that Plastik Park is back in business! With an updated musical concept and a fresh sound, new owners Christian “D-Nox†Wedekind and Tobias Bayer are proud to present the rebirth of Plastik Park. The first release is a perfect example of the kind of high-quality trance that you can expect in the future.

Over the last 3 years, André Absolut and Eric Blade, aka Absolut & Blade, have established themselves as two of the top producers in Switzerland, with a sound described as “progressive, intelligent, forward-thinking dance music.†Their debut single together, the hit “Pain†on Sumsonic Records, turned many heads in progressive circles. Follow-up singles on such top labels as Sog and Sprout Music (featuring the heavily-played “Outpostâ€) have shown that this duo is a dependable powerhouse for top-notch progressive grooves. André additionally has an extremely successful solo career, with a number of singles on some of the most reputable labels in the industry, including Loöq, Vapour, Nascent, Ritmic, Nascent, Release Grooves, and Color of Sound, as well as a slew of upcoming releases on leading progressive labels such as Baroque, Sinister Recordings, Feed Me, and newcomers Vertikal and VP Records.

On remix duty are fellow Swiss newcomers Engelspost. In only a short amount of time, this duo (aka Tensing & the 5th Element) have stormed onto the scene with their breathtaking live act as well as their smash remixes to Peter Gabriel’s single “Darkness†(EMI/Sog Chrome) which have received worldwide acclaim. Their method of evolving their music works through the lived moment always assures a brilliant feast of sound that touches to the bottom of the soul.

“Pure Edge * Original Mix†is driven by a brilliantly conceived groove, and threaded through with the trademark Absolut & Blade structure. A bouncing bassline and warm pads blend perfectly together to bring a note of depth to the mix. Topped off with a floating melody, “Pure Edge†is a modern piece of progressive trance magic which will leave the listener flying through the clouds.

“Pure Edge * Engelspost Remix†demonstrates the sort of high-class soundscape one can come to expect from this duo. The smart arrangement keeps the overall feel of the original, while softening the groove and adding extra dynamic range to the melody. This is melodic progressive trance at its finest – with thick layers, a melancholy atmosphere and a heartbreaking melody, while avoiding any trappings of cheese.

Artist: Absolut & Blade Title: “Pure Edgeâ€
Label: Plastik Park
Format: Vinyl 12â€
Cat.No.: PP12001
Releasedate: 17.11.2004
Tracks: A: Pure Edge – Original Mix
B: Pure Edge – Engelspost Remix

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regards the Plastik Park Crew
To be an Absolut & Blade fan's, i am so happy for this release... :Grin:
Good luck to Plastic Park and good to see you back with such a good artist like this... :jump: