playin live


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hey peeps just wonderin mabe a stupid question when i go to parties and see ppl playin live r they playin evrything live cuz i cant see how u would do it do they get drums and bass rolin and just play the lead synths through keyboards or do they play each and evry single bit live wondered out of curiosity


Pie Fly
it deepends on what set up the artist is most comfatable with but it's safe to say that no one person could play every sound in a track at once. You will find that in many casses most of the track is one audio file with certain parts such as leads left out to be played live on a keyboard or a synth playing a midi pattern written within the sequncer and it's paramiters are then twaeked and twisted live. then the tunes can have sections looped or difarent part brought in at difarent times then say the album version would have them and of course you then have to think about how you are going to mix your other tunes in to the set and so on and so fourth. And breath