Please check out this track.

hey - i checked this out... :Grin:

sorry to be so slooooow in my response, but got tied into a tune of my own, and well, you know how it is!

the production quality was surprisingly good, although i reckon you could tighten it up a bit, maybe a bit more snap to the kick?? i dunno!

I like your basic ideas, quite acidy and squelchy, but i reckon you're caning them too much - good advice i received was to always leave them wanting more of an idea, not playing an idea 'til the floor gets bored and wanders off. I repeat i like your ideas, but tightening them up would work wonders.

Rythym needs work. The basic sounds are fine. but there is not enough variation, development or interest. this section needs work.

i would also put in a lot more incidental noises, again to keep the listeners interest.

Don't give up! This is much better than my first effort. I hope you appreciate the criticism. I always try to be honest. I figure this is much more useful to you than fawning at your feet.

Good luck for the future, and don't hesitate to drop another one for review sometime soon!

Thanks very much for the feedback. When i listened to this track after two days i've made it, i can tell that i'm completely agree with you.

By the way, here is my FIRST psy-trance track, you can check this out too...
More squidggyness.....humm naughty....then.....not too aggressive...good but needs more depth :Grin: