please give some feedback on this


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i like this track a lot ... spinning it this morning at work. love the vocoded sounds & use of panning!
break at 5:43 is hot!
very tight track! do you have other works released?


Section Divine

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i have nothing released yet... i'm just studying=).

i can upload some other tracks for you, i think you like them if u liked this one


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good sample stuff; i like it :Grin: the echoing fast-delay kick sounds are cool. the hihats sound like they could do with a touch more compression, but maybe that's just my speakers :Wink3:

the panning vocal sounds are nice as well. the synth that comes in at 1:45 is cool, perhaps a little generic but it fits with the overall tone of the track really nicely; and the warm pad sounds & the way they 'stutter' are really well done.

when it kicks in again after the first break it's really cool :Smile3: i like the surging feel of the bassline. perhaps some of the transitions in the next break (at about 3:15) could be a bit smoother, but it keeps building & is constantly changing which makes for a great listening experience.

after the restrained section, the return at 5:40 is good - swirly psychedelic madness, again i think the hihats might be taking a little bit too much of the overall 'soundspace' of the track, but it's pretty captivating throughout!

well done, i like it a lot :Smile3: dosvedanya!


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"track5" ... now there's a unique track title ... :Wink3:

where do you get your synth tones from? softsynths? or do you play in real-time and then quantize?
definitely some nasty tones!
love the section at 2:15 on Saturn1...
section at 3:15 is tight, nice triplet feel, but might drown out the drums a little bit?
do you master / compress these? seems if you boosted the bass eqs and set a hard limit w/ gain, it might be sound a bit ballsier....

track5 is tight -- i like your style... again i'd say the same thing about compression / eq...

curious to know how you write these ... sequencing vs playing in real time, etc etc....


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mmmmm not bad loose the cowbell, tighten the breaks up and have saturn sound alittle less like Gods chosen people by space tribe.

Section Divine

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thanks all for feedback=)

duBaHoliKc i write all melodies and sounds note by note in the piano roll, then automate parameters of the softsynths and effects. i use midi-keyboard only to imagine how they will sound, but not for recording in real-time.


Well done, liked the track especially the kick rolls and the panning snares. I also liked the arpeggio synth with the varying release time.
I agree with Seuss tho that the hihat on the off-beat could be a bit overpowering on a rig with good top-end.
I also liked the intro with the sound that sounds like a high-passed reverse kick. I think maybe the track could do with another element at each stage to pad it out a bit, either a percussion track or another synth but maybe that's just a matter of personal taste :Smile3:
Out of curiosity, which softsynths are you using? Everyone I know uses different synths and I'd love to know what you use over in Russia (if that is indeed where you are :P )

Anyway nice job, hope this is constructive. Keep writing....

Section Divine

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yes, i hope im here in russia indeed=)).

the synths are: v-station, triangle2, muon tau pro, pentagon1, plastiCZ, and logic's es2.