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Hello everyone,

As a member of the Mcdonalds (t.m.) marketing team I have been asked to find some "funky" music to advertise our new salad range (caesar salad / chicken salad and vegetarian) for 3 months over the summer. The tune would need a really fresh feeling to it and be something that would appeal to the youngsters out there. I have been looking about the web for ideas, but not knowing too much about your "scene" would appreciate some assistance. It goes without saying that whoever's music was selected would stand to make a lot of money!

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

Ben F.
God forbid that anyone helps out this trolling corporate whore...god almighty

not knowing too much about your "scene"

Here's a few pointers...
We like great music, we HATE McDonalds. We hate them for their appallingly foul pseudo-food, their dreadful record for dealing with their underpaid staff, environmental insensitivity, and most regularly for their hamfisted and toe-curlingly awful and wrongheaded 'marketing'.

I hope this helps, I AM LOVIN IT
Anybody got anything we can feed the troll? Potassium-Cyanide would be good ... Probably still healthier than a McDs though :Wink3:
just realised mcds will probabl try to sue me for this so i am going to disclaim this now and say i was drunk when i wrote it.

I have never and do not work for mcdonalds and they did not ask me to look for techno music. i in no way wished to cause any damage to the mcdonalds name or cause. as i said i was very drunk at the time and do not feel that i can be held responsible for this

i do occasionally eat at mcdonalds (quarter pounder with cheese) and think they are a great organisation

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who are the trolls?

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Shove that joke and that company and may you get #$@%^& for eating bad meat!