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hoping you lot can point me in the right directions with my next pile of psy CDs. my current "to buy" list is far too large, and i need to whittle it down to 5 or 6 CDs that are the best of the bunch.

my recent faves are Orion's album, the Beat Hacker's album, the new Psysex, Scorb's album, Clarity on Nano, Psytelligence, the new Hujaboy, and Tales From The Dark Forest. i like big kicks (as these will be used for mixing), non-cheezwhiz melodies, complex basslines, and tweaky-yet-not-too-chaotic "acid" lines during peak moments (the reason i like the BH album, hear track 2). i also like the prog stuff, but it needs to be heavy enough in the kickdrum dept. to mix with the other music.

here's my current list:

Reefer Madness
Trashlords vs Psychotic Micro
Lucy In Space
Wild Life
Afrogalactic Reloaded
Zero 1
Waves From Ibiza
Holographic memory 2
Deedrah – Body & Soul
Shift’s new album
Dilation on Nano
Emergence on Nano
Phaethon's Voyage
Wrecked machines - Blink
new Eraser vs Yojalka
Protoculture - Refractions
Magnet on Vision Quest

any help is appreciated... i'm just a bit overwhelmed with choices!


Refractions by Protoculture :sun:
Afrogalactic Reloaded
Shift’s new album
new Eraser vs Yojalka
Protoculture - Refractions
+ also add new Disco Valley Records release :Wink3:
Seen lots of people raving about "Body & Soul" and "Refractions" I be ordering these pretty soon.

Emergence on Nano was probably my favorite compilation of 2002 so get that.

Zero 1 is great and so is WildLife (although I prefer Zero 1). And Shifts "Red Line" album is...well it's shift init :punk:

I'm still undecided on Deedrah's Body and Soul - It's good but I don't know if it's recommend it to everyone good.
uhm, mr red, aren't you just everyything in the chaos stock pile? :P

but yes, bought all of them and they are... :rolleyes:
huh? i clearly stated that Psytelligence is already a fave of mine...? i bought it a while back :Smile3:
ahh, it does flow.

1 * Wrecked Machines: Blink [ 1CD] per 12.30 (EUR 12.30)
1 * Compilation: Wild Life [Alchemy 1CD] per 11.40 (EUR 11.40)
1 * Compilation: Holographic Memory 2 [Solstice 1CD] per 11.35 (EUR 11.35)
1 * Compilation: Emergence [Nano Rec. 1CD] per 10.99 (EUR 10.99)
1 * Compilation: Dilation [Nano Rec. 1CD] per 10.80 (EUR 10.80)
1 * Protoculture: Refractions [Nano Rec. 1CD] per 11.35 (EUR 11.35)
1 * Compilation: Reloaded [Afrogalactic 1CD] per 11.45 (EUR 11.45)

i wanted to order from Chaos Unlimited, but i'm finding that yanks are at a disadvantage these days with the exchange rate :Sad: psyshop also seems to have adjusted prices to compensate...

that just leaves the rest of the heap for next order :blink: