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Anyone here do poi? i'll try and put up some pics or video of me spinning fire cos it looks really cool. if anyone else here does poi then maybe we could teach eachother some tricks.

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Hey double helix!

I'm a poi person too. :Grin: I've been spinning for about a year and a half now and I'm very addicted. I don't sadly have any photos to put up, though. Do you go to any workshops or anything? I go to the Spitz on Tuesdays... would be cool to see you there!

mangakitten xx :juggle:
well ive been trying to learn poi for quite some time now and this summer my boyfriend definitely tried very hard to teach me and at the moment im trying to learn the weave,,.. hmmm not working too well tho :wacko:
so unfortunately you cant learn any tricks from me yet...
well hopefully next time im in england again ill be alot better and maybe then hehe..
xx cuddles cherry :wizard1:
hehoo-- I'm a spinner too.. been spinning for about 2 years now.. origenally a Home of Poi gal.. but I met my fella on here.. so tend to hang around here a bit more tho.. I'm part of the Guildford group Burnt Toast.. as always - up for teaching a few tricks to those who want - I'm trying those peskie waist wraps at the mo.. ouch is all I can say - I don't bend that much!

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Hey MisStix... I've been trying to get the waist wraps as well, and they are still eluding me, goddamn it!

NataCherry... I reckon the weave is one of the harder things to start with... butterfly stuff is way easier to get the hang of, and it'll build up your confidence and mean you can start having fun quicker! Mmmm, instant gratification... :Grin:
yea... i thought so to but my boyfriend was so sure of my "talent" he wanted me to try that first...hmm haha wel didnt quite work out yet...shame is my teacher(boyfriend) is now miles away and none of my friends have even heard of poi so even if i wanna try the butterfly now noone will be able to show me...oh wel i suppose ill just wait till i see my boyfriend again.. :P
until then maybe ill just try the internet for teachin sources or sumthin..or just carry on going either fast or slow haha..quite exciting for me already B)
xx cuddles cherry :wizard1:
Ive been spinning poi for just over a year. Here is a picture of me playing with my set of beaming poi i got for my birthday last year, there great except they are really heavy and a few minutes later after this picture was taken, i misjudged the length, tried to do a wrap, and they both came crashing down on my head!! Almost knocking me out! :no: Still, they look pretty anyway. :Smile3:

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can't get the piccie to download mate...

hmm beamers.. leathal.. I nearly broke my leg (well it felt like it) once.. stunning bruise.. i never knew you could be green with red polka dots before :lol:

this is a piccie of me and 2 people I know at Glastas last year.. I'm the one in the middle.. I only got a 'little' singed.. still all good fun!
I've been doing poi scince January, im trying to polish up some metior stuff at the moment, been working on it for ages, im also trying to juggle with the poi but thats pretty messy still right now.. im just one big mess!
hehe...i proudly announce...now after looking at homeofpoi i can now do the swinging stuff and a big and normal butterfly...am now trying the alternate butterfly and mexican wave...hmmm kinda keep hitting myself..
oh yea hehe beaming poi...last outdoor party i was at i was so amazed i cud now swing poi i had to try my boyfriends beaming poi and and i was quite pilled up so i got so excited with the light i went so fkin fast for aaages that when i stopped my fingers were bleeding and i had loads of blisters....OUCH! :blink:
but oh wel...i had loads of fun and warstories to tell evryone who wud listen hehe....
cuddles xx cherry :wizard1:
WOW! :hehe: what a response. Thanx for replying you great fluffy people. Mistix i've been to the guildford thing on thursdays a few times before, next time im there i'll look u up. and cherry you should try www.juggling.nz aswell, although it might b the same as that other address, i dont know. i can't find those pics of me spinning so you will all just have to imagine what they look like he he.

Misstix i love that picture, looks like explosion of poi!!! Were you at the project ozma free party earlier this year? i recognise your picture :Smile3: I think i played with your poi's!!
Rachel xx
Cool pic, MistStix! And nice one, Natacherry, that's really cool. :Grin:

I managed to get the behind the back butterfly waist wrap thingy on both sides last night, which was cool. I don't have any pictures of me spinning poi at the moment, I don't think, but I'll try to get some soon that I can put up here. B)
hehe....yea i shud have pictures coming of me spinning poi for the first time and being seriously fukt but my films not ready yet...hmm regarding the fuktness tho maybe ill have to think about posting those pictures again tho :P
xx cuddles cherry
hi poi people!

i've been practising poi for about a year now and started doing fire poi in may.

it's become a very important part of my life.

i can do quite a few moves including butterfly, falling butterfly, cross and follow and windmill

what is really important is to become 'at one' with your poi

finding a way to flow from one move to another makes is look more like a dance

it took me ages to learn cross and follow or the weave

the best place to practise is in the park where it is peaceful and you are around nature 'cause its like yoga and meditation.

here are some pictures of me doing fire poi on the beach in thailand
I totally agree with you Gandolfi.. been spinning for about 2/3 years now.. I treat it as a meditation - totally relaxes my mind and I really buzz after a good spin. I like a few sips of wine and a little smoke, nice chilled out tunes like Orbital or Banco de Gia or such like..

I did fire the first time I tried poi.. I'd had a bit to drink and my mate was tired, so I took over with some simple forward spins. Hooked ever since!

There's a few more piccies on this website Burnt Toast
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (hugoblin @ Sep 14 2003, 03:42 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> right im off to go do some isolated reverse butterfly waistraps

woop woop

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Now that would be interesting to see...