Portishead Psy Remix

ooo ross seeing as i am sooo blind and neva found this b4 *kicking self now* could you do the honours, and wack that mix i did from your computer on to here plz ?

much appreciated :Grin::Grin:

rob :Grin:
NO, IT DOES NOT WORK!! WOT IT DOES is shut down explorer and loose any work that u might have going on at the moment.
DO NOT!!! click on the link......
hahaha... bad experience kurt? :Wink3:
ok ill admit it , I was expecting to hear a good song mauled.... however Im pretty impressed - its not a generic psy remix by any mean !

Really good to hear something a bit more diverse and frresher than the usual 4x4 formula whilst doing portishead justice:Grin:

keep doin yo thang bro !

Getting Error Message, Sounds intriguing (is that how u spell it?) would like to hear it.

"404 - Page Not Found
This page was not found on the FreeWebs servers. FreeWebs offers free web hosting for business and personal use."
Yeah, I'm getting a 404 error message too. :no:

Ross dude, I'm fascinated - really want to hear it. <Blatant Blag> How's about sending me a CD of your stuff in the post dude?

Go on, you know you want to... :Wink3: :lol1: