Post Boom Festival Mix


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Woo, well I came back from Boom feeling wicked, and I hope you did too, anyway, some tunes from the artists playing there.. and more.. starts off relatively light.. for me :o ... gets darker..goes super full on squattin, then ends in a Goa fuelled haze.

***The Post Boom Bang*** <-- Clicky Click-Click. :Smile3:

:jump: :jump: :punk: :punk: :speaker: :speaker: :partysmi: :partysmi: :runsmile:

Have fun!

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1) Neuromotor- Lui Gets His New Wings (Peek-a-boo)
2) Crazy Lion's Cult- The Night Of Goats And Rams (Peak-a-boo)
3) Drumatix - Alien Pie (Peak-a-boo)
4) Seroxat - Mental Distorted (Discovalley Records)
5) Parasense - Iron Punk (Discovalley Records)
6) Hyper Frequencies - Erotica 7 (Mechanik Sound)
7) Neuromotor - In The Brain Forest (Acidance)
8) Xenomorph - The Silmanki Murder Toolkit (Acidance)
9) Shiva Sidpao - Egokiller (Shiva Space Technology)

hey ...
just downloaded yr mix yesterday ... and gave it a listen today ...
and its great ........ kicks some serious ass
sepecially love the end .... the last 2 trakcs are legendry
dark .... twisted ..... powerfull ...
good going...
yea man.. the end of that.. bloody hell, awsome :speaker: :cooljump:
Ahhhh the memories! :Grin:
Dude this has been living in my walkman all week. Proper mad stuff!
another one next week then? Jolly good :Grin:
wicked mix man


well mixed man

i down loaded it the other night its well phat tune choice man!!!
:bananada: :speaker: