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i've been led to believe that my tunes mite not get released if theyre floating around the net and by handing out demos freely, because if labels are hearing my tunes being played out then i wont get them released... seems logical enough.
but i have a new website where i want to share my music. i've heard people have breaks of silence in they're tracks, but that doesnt sound too appealing. i thought of having very low quality mp3s, but that doesnt sound too good. i would rather have a note explaining why people wouldnt be able to play the tracks out, rather than having a note begging nicely to not play my tracks out.
any ideas?
Not really. I do know if you rely on peoples innate sense of decency and honesty to protect yourself, you're going to get ripped off left right and centre.
I think you have to decide whether you want people to be able to get your tunes for free or commercially via a proper label release. I can fully understand your label's attitude. They need to protect their investment maximise returns from it.
For me, 'demo' MP3s are a good way of checking tunes out before I buy them. If you provide these its a valid promotion of your stuff and everyone's happy...
On a similar vein...

Anyone know of a website that would allow you to put up short clips of my tracks? I just want to get a few of my ideas on the internet so I can get advice from fine people such as yourselves.
soundclick is great
and by the way dude i was disapointed that the 'putting the psy in psytrance' thread kinda lost momentum