POTS / Prisoners of the Sun - free album track download & remix contest


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We are offering you a possibility of free download of one of the tracks from upcoming POTS aka Prisoners of the Sun album "Creating Social Success". Song called "Dandy Division" (192 kbs mp3) is available here: http://tribalvision.cz/zzz/POTS/POTS_-_Dandy_Devision.mp3

This way we would also like to launch a remix contest about the mentioned POTS song. All the producers are welcome to participate, no matter the music style. The best remix, chosen by both Tribal Vision crew and POTS guys, will be featured on the upcoming "Social Success remixes" CD among the projects such as Antix, Human Blue, Greed, Sonic Cube, Tegma, Rai and more. The producer will get a proper promotion in the booklet and other possible ways as well as flat rate fee for his work. From the other tracks that won´t be chosen for the CD release, although still achieving a high quality standarts, we will make a special digital download compilation at Beatport.com. Please feel free to send an email to slater@chaishop.com to get a link to the track samples and more info about the contest.