Pounding Acid Techno?


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Hi everyone,
I'm 25 and living in Leeds in the UK. I DJ under the name of Pete North as that's my real name. I've been writing techno for about 4 years now but only started DJ'ing about 2 years ago. I started with a live acid techno PA but found the lure of the 1210's to be too tempting and had to succumb to my DJ tendancies. I love to play my own stuff live but you just can't beat the seat of the pants ride you get from mixing vinyl. So much more can go disasterously wrong with mixing so it's more engaging on stage.

I was an avid Slayer fan before my sister took me to a warehouse party in the dirty end of town and literally force fed me with recreational narcotics. Being staunchly anti-narcotic I was somewhat enraged by her action but after an hours exposure to DJ Mick Beatle (Havok, Manchester) all was soon forgiven. It was then DJ Glowbones (Riff Raff) who showed me the way to acid techno. After about three parties I could distinguish between psytrance, acid techno and the hard housey trance and realised that acid techno was my future.

I was very hooked on Lab 4 for a few months but realised trance presets of posh kit had a limited shelf life and decided to explore the dirtier side of the force. I remember being totally blown away by Audio Pancake, Rowland the Bastard, Geezer and especially D.A.V.E. the Drummer but most of all the residents from the local scene. It's not uncommon for our local talent to blow Chris Liberator off stage.

I don't have the full studio at home, just an aging home computer, decks, mixer and a few addons but I've quite proud of what I do with the kit I have. I'm a firm beleiver in "It ain't what ya got, it's what ya do with it" as a philosophy and I've not allowed myself to be distracted by new software all the time. It's just best to know what you have inside and out.

I've played alongside Darc Marc (Cluster, Max Min) and played for Riff Raff, Cabbage, Euphonic, Space Invader, Aspire and Edinburgh's Treason.

At the moment I'm spending all of my time either writing new music, DJ'ing, mixing, or writing about techno and making flyer designs/techno label websites. Techno has absorbed me and I am it's slave.

I love all forms of it and even though I poke fun at Psy-Trance and Hard House I still mix it to keep my skills sharp and to avoid stagnation. I'm very much one for 303's a blazin' and am currently fixated with Guy "Geezer" McAffers productions with Mr Burns from Skankadelic which is Shaping up to be one of the best labels in acid techno at the moment. On the flip side I'm playing a lot of Powertools stuff and Stay up Forever's more percussive efforts as you can't abuse the acid lines all the time.

I started http://www.acidtrash.net this year as a vessel for my mixes artwork and the aim is just to get as much of my music out there for free as possible. I'm also using the site to promote any DJ's who I like and especially those who are nice to me. Funding permitting some of the tunes will be going on vinyl this year and the new live set integrated with turntables will be played at Riff Raff in December.

I quit my job to do this full time and I don't make a living from it but next to systems analysis work in a porta cabin as I was doing I'd choose this anytime. You just have to follow your heart.


AcidTrash said:
Hi everyone,
On the flip side I'm playing a lot of Powertools stuff and Stay up Forever's more percussive efforts as you can't abuse the acid lines all the time.

a ha!
now were talkin!
All sounds good to me.... apart from the slayer bit :P
welcome, a word of warning, josh smells