powercore vs uad1


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im thinking of purchasing a pci card for me mac, im unsure of which...

would love to hear your views on the powercore and the uad1 (the small one)
they bouth look realy good but you seem to get more for your money with the uad1... but i have not heard the powercore so i canot coment on the quality..

heeeellllpppppppp i canot seem to make a decision

thank you

Depends what you want them for.

I hear the UAD is great for EQs & compression, but the Powercore probably takes the edge on reverbs.

Powercore also has good 3rd party support. Powercore can host the Virus VSTi and also the Sony plug-ins.

I do know people who use both UAD and Powercore and they do say that each has its own strengths and character.

I use a powercore firewire BTW...
Purusha, do you think then the P'core Firewire version:


beats the PCI card then?


It seems to say that the Firewire version is twice as powerful as the PCI, so may be important. Personally I'm not a massive fan of the TC plug-ins so I'd prob go for the UAD-1, but check which plug-ins you get for each and see which will be most useful. I remember seeing an article in Future Music saying that the UAD-1 perhaps was better value for money when they had some special offer to get extra plug-ins, alas finished now. It has some emulations of vintage equipment, which are meant to be very good.
well so far im for the uad1 :Smile3:

i had a go on one and i loved it... the only thing was that put me off there no synths :Sad:
but it does make thing sound loooovelllly

saxopholus, yep - the Firewire version is more powerful.

Reason I went that route is so that I can use it on my laptop.

Not sure how much cheaper the Powercore 'Element' is, but it's a fair bit cheaper than the full-blown PCI card if that makes any difference. Only difference between the 2 is that the Element doesn't come with Master X3.
i went for the powercore with virus but i need to wait 4 days... :Sad: to get it. it sounded loooovvvely in the shop i hope its better when i get to know it.
its here

Ok the virus as landed, initial thoughts was, that’s a big card. The instillation process is a bit long and boring, (using osx) Tc sends you to lots of pages and you get lots of emails. But, when that is over and you install the virus you can then run the powercore installation again to refresh the audio units. You get the picture, but its loooveeeely, it sounds nice, even through my NS 10s it still sounds nice, lots of knobs looks very complicated, but worth learning, I don’t think it will be that bad when you get the hang of it, the filters ie cut off and res are really good and sound gooooood. Well im happy with it, and the reverb is also good, but im not sure how to use the delay yet I have not had the time. So truly I do not have anything to compare it to because I have not used a real virus, if it sounds the same then they are lovely too, if the hard wear sounds better then, ill probably have to steels luke,s cos hes got one and wont let any one near it.

It has lost of presets but some are not too useful, if any one knows any tricks or ways in which I can make it Psy away pleaseeeee let me know.

Purusha i think you will like :Smile3:
btw there is an article on programming real Virii in Sound on Sound this or last month. Although it applies mainly to the hardware form I think the same advice would probably help, since they I think the hardware and software are similarly configured.

Very jealous!!!

I take back what I said about TC plug-ins (Native Bundle), I actually like them a lot. Just the reverb that I'm not into. Should be a fine card u have. :Smile3:
thanx dude il look out for the sos tutorials. to tell the truth i have not really looked at the reverb myself yet. ill let you know :Smile3:
BTW - I think the plug-in virus has just been updated.

Someone on the forum I mentioned earlier reckons so anyhow.
The Powecore Virus is exactly equivalent to a Virus B in terms of voice architecture - i.e. it is going to be fat as hell :Smile3: but it doesn't have the Moog SSM filter model, and only 3 mod channels vs 6 on the Virus C. You can however run up to 64 voices on a single PCI Powercore card so that is better than the HW.

Personally, I've got a hardware C (love it!) and can't afford a powercore right now... but I can assure you the B can do 90% of what the C can and that's quite enough to make some very fat noises... have fun fellow viruseers!

Cheers :P
i love it, i love it :Smile3: yes there is an upgrade and it is needed since there were alot of timing issues before:Smile3: any one should take a look at the virruss closely you can seem to syn ossilators with lfo's ? so im told ill look in to it