Powermac G4 733 quicksilver and other studio ditties!!


monodelic psyopoly
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Wellington NZ
Right im off to sunnier shores so I have a few items in my studio left to sell.
A powermac G4 733 quicksilver with 768 ram, upgraded graphics card to radeon 9000 with two 15in monitors and the adaptors for both monitors, two hard drives both 7200rpm one is 40gig the other is 120gig, apple keyboard and optical mouse, cd re-writer. Running OS 9.2 but i can supply a panther disc if needed various bits of os 9 software £800 ono
Next is a MOTU 828 MK1 firewire soundcard 8 analogue ins and outs, 8 Adat ins and outs, SPDIF in and out, zero latency monitoring and can be used on both mac and pc this is a 1u rack mountable beast soundcard and I love it!! included is an 8 way loom......£350
Also a 2x2 midiman usb midi interface including midi cables £20
And finally is a Korg M1 workstation keyboard which is a classic workstation synth is fine condition, including stand, manual and audio cables £200
Come on you lot get your wallets out and help send me to my new home in New Zealand........via central america for a bit of shinanigans!! :tongue1: