Premiere's audio display feature

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Is there any music-only software that even has that feature?!

I've checked out a few music making packages and none of them make any sense - kinda like those 3d animation packages......

I'm looking for something that does what a normal keyboard, like my old Casio, did 20 years ago - except obviously I want export to wav.

Then what I want is a Premiere-style display of the actual db levels and pitch etc - in visual format, so that one track can be shown as it would look on an oscillioscope, and another track can be displayed same and they are then able to be matched with one another - eg - you can see where the drums are and match it exactly to another drum beat or a repeat note etc etc.

What software does that? That's the minimum I'd expect from digital music making and editing software. I'm thinking I'll need to get Premiere itself, and then get an old keyboard with outputs......and then somehow record those to wav files, and then get yet another series of sound modifyers and editing.........but then I'm back wondering if there are any decent ones availible.

Seriously - see years ago it was easy just to press a few buttons on a keyboard and get really good tunes, just lack of track-layers and recording features and playback on known formats of the time that wasn't as good as it is now. The best was always selecting the fastest drumbeat loops and then putting them up as fast as they would go over the set level. Sadly my mother sold that excellent keyboard, without my permission of course or bothering to say she was going to do had a great feature in the bass keys area - any one note hit would start-off a background groove based on that note and it's harmonics, or you could use a chord, and it would incorporate it into the drums and any other selected melodies. God I miss that keyboard.