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People think they can all be pop stars, high court judges, brilliant TV personalities or infinitely more competent heads of state without ever putting in the necessary work or having natural ability...What is wrong with everyone nowadays?" the prince wrote. "Why do they all seem to think they are qualified to do things far beyond their technical capabilities

Well said in my opinion! Its excellent that people push themselves to the extent of their abilities and aspire to be the best they can be. I don't think anywhere in here that it is mentioned that people should not push themselves. However it is true not everyone has the intelligence or talent to become pop stars / judges / rocket scientists, and these days how many kids say 'I want to become a teacher, I want to be a cook - instead its 'I want to be famous' (not even a musician / actress - just famous!)

Sure there's nothing but bloodline to qualify Prince Charles to be a prince but the man makes some valid comments! There is an awful amount of dissatisfaction among people, about what they have and what they do and jealousy of other peoples money. We need less snobbery in society about what people do, so that all contributions are respected equally whether it be cleaning streets or creating legislation. Its sad that people see having money /power / fame as a means of earning respect.
i agree wholeheartedly

shock horror prince charles has an opinion

uh well yeah
This is one reason everyone gets pished off:

BBC news:

BMW chief criticises Rover bosses
Kevin Howe
MG Rover's chief executive Kevin Howe received £1.55m last year
BMW's UK chief has launched a scathing attack on the four businessmen who own MG Rover, branding them "the unacceptable face of capitalism".

Managing director Jim O'Donnell said it was "disgusting" that MG Rover's owners paid themselves fat salaries while losses continued at the company.

The "Phoenix four" were sold MG Rover by German owners BMW back in May 2000 for just £10 (14 euros).

But since them, Mr O'Donnell said, BMW had been "let down" by them.

When the four men took control of the Longbridge-based car maker, BMW also handed them an interest-free loan of £550m.

Since then, the businessmen behind Phoenix Venture Holdings have been criticised for the amount they have taken out of MG Rover given its worsening financial state.

'Sleight of hand'

Last year, five Phoenix directors took home more than £16m, including salaries and pension contributions despite the fact that MG Rover lost £89m.

Quote from:

And its really difficult to get a decent pay packet nowadays due to companies having to award their shareholders all the time. :no:
But the whole I wanna be famous thang is perpetuated by inane telly programmes (and subsequent media coverage) which, it seems, attract even the most intelligent people.

The proliferation of celebrity mags, glorification of mediocre but well marketed thugz will obviously make any kid want to be a star. And when these thugz break the law, publicly, and remain stars, wow, that's an even more powerful message to a receptive young mind.

Fact is, the public are the ones that perpetuate it. Buy clothes with adverts on them, mags that show them how celebrities behave (they wear advert clothes, must be kewl) in the vain hope that copying such apery will make them kewl. I live with one suchy person, an intelligent person who spends much of her time following celebs, almost has an orgasm when she sees one and so forth.

Perhaps this is a substitute for older day organised religions?

Just a thought.

The adage 'not what you know but who' has never been truer, and that is strategically encouraged at at ages now - 'networking'. School, uni, work.

Right enuf of this, I'm off to get me pension, do some networking at the post office to see if I can get some cheap incontinence pantz. Might be lucky and see some retired Corri stars!
didn't he recently abandon his watercolour painting hobby, so that he could bill himself as "The Prince formerly know as Artist"?

But we have, he's your dictator's best mate! Our royalty are now the equivalent of your Disney.

Bet your vice President hasn't punched someone while being filmed, huh? We as a nation, is goin back to our rootz, ya know, Anglos and Saxons, a few that rape debauch and pillage the rest of us!!

Prince of Wales's comments are fair enough IMO. Everybody's contributions to society should be valued equally. If a human being is to achieve anything then they usually will have to put some effort in. We all need to start changing the way we live for the greater good of the world, rather than arsing around pretending we care and doing very little to change anything. :Smile3:
Well, Derrida said that Disneyland exists to make America appear real....

I think the problem with (hey, do you know what Prince Charles is in British sign language? Then put your fingers behind your ears and push them out...) Prince Charles' comments is that he really is terribly over-privileged - it recently transpired that he never puts things away expecting his staff to pick up his dirty clothes (yeah, shocking) but IF there is a lot of inequality in the UK, on class, gender, and race grounds then Prince Charles doesn't appreciate that the aspiration of many people is because fame and fortune offers one of the very few avenues out of a life that may involve living on a sink estate and/or working in a factory/call centre etc...I mean, how many people on Psy-forum are aspiring musicians (or lighting engineers/vjs etc)? Nearly probably everyone - they're all writing difference here then

Prince Charles doesn't really have a right to a political opinion because his whole existence is based on a flimsy social construction, and he certainly shouldn't have the right to lecture or hold forth on people less fortunate than himself and his family who receive millions and millions of pounds of taxpayers money every year thru the civil list - the words craw, stick, and in come strongly to mind. If he wants to discuss social aspirations then let's discuss his position as 'heir apparent'...and see who can justify THAT in the cold light of day.
OK - I DID put 'really' in there, but nevertheless why should he be 'entitled' and not then suffer the consequences (which is what I meant) - he is supposed to be some sort of mmmm - mascot (?) or figurehead that allegedly 'unites' the nation. This status is precarious....remember republicanism?
Therefore, if he says something outrageously unfair such as the poor majority shouldn't aspire to a lifestyle that includes holidays in mauritius or wherever (which HE enjoys), then he should expect that many taxpayers (and others) will be unhappy that he shows such insensitivity towards others 'less fortunate than himself' given the position he has which he has NOT achieved but merely had thrust upon him (i.e., it is 'ascribed').
anything the man and his family says or does is watched must be annoying, he should be able to say what the damn well he pleases and everyone should agree with it, not because they have to, but because its true. :mad: but then theres still going to be people who disagree with what he sais even if it is true so you just cant win, esspecially if you say stuff thats going to get on everyones tits, which isnt that difficult to do at all
What qualifications do you need to have to become Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Chancellor etc. How many times do you see those jobs advertised?

The most important jobs in the country are carried out by people who promise other people stuff. Do they really have the skills to run a country? And do they ever deliver on democratic principles. To me freedom and civil liberties is constantly under threat from these very people. People who ask us to trust them.

This Royal has trained his whole life to be Royal, he had no choice. Yes he is an institution, maybe archaic, but he doesn't run the country after running a political party for a couple of years. Who is more experienced in the employment he has I wonder.
I don't believe it's the role of the Royals to run the country anymore, and despite ubiquitous crapness the people who are in the political power do have better qualifications to do so.

However, if we do have to have a Royal family, then I think they should play a role. When they make statements it's usually on moral issues and I like that. Prince Charles is my favorite because he promotes organic food and the anti-GM campaign, and general fluffiness in society. (I've heard a rumour that he takes magic mushrooms as well, but this is unconfirmed). Millions of people in Britain still have loads of respect for the institution of Royalty, despite it's ailing role in actually running the country.