Principles of Flight - Night Time Lullabies (elektrotribe records)


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Principles of Flight's first album will take you into the universe of Gloopy the monster and his friend Gabriel the little boy, associating psytrance music to powerfull visual production , it brings a new conception of electronic music. Also greatly inspired by the cinematographic universe, Night Time Lullabies is a perfect blend of many electronic trend : progressive trance, psychedellic trance, drum and bass, electronica and movie scores.

Due out in March 2006, this first release from electrotribe records will be available on cd/dvd.

check out where you can lisen to one of the tracks and see the accompanying visuals

Principles of Flight = Night Time Lullabies

The Principles of Flight project started during spring 2004. Pierre and Remy had both before been involved in the psytrance scene for a couple of years under various project names. Right from the beginning, Principles of Flight had the ambition to bring something new to the scene. After releasing various tracks on compilations and playing live in festivals and parties over all Europe, Remy and Pierre started to widen their influences.

Greatly inspired by the cinematographic universe, their music evolves in unique mysterious atmospheres, and invites the listener to a tremendous journey into their imagination. Though mainly influenced by psytrance, their music is also a perfect blend of many other style : progressive trance, drum and bass, electronica and movie scores.


Night Time Lullabies is the result of over 10 month of intense artistic creation. Pierre and Remy with the help of different artists created a complete new sonic and visual universe. The result is an astonishing 16-track concept album that completely revolutionises the traditional album definition. Night Time Lullabies tells the story of Gloopy the monster and his friend Gabriel the little boy, who struggle to bring back peace over the enchanted lands stroke by a strange disease. Each track of the album illustrates a new chapter and alternates between imaginary film score and top notch production electronic music.

Night Time Lullabies will be packed with a bonus DVD including exclusive “Live Experience†videos produced with Pixel Royal vj team. This DVD will take you deeper into Principles of Flight’s imaginary world and will give you a preview of P.O.F. vs Pixel Royal combined visual and sonic live set.


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Sauntering about...
heard so many good things about them so is due time to appreciate first hand

cheers mark :Smile3:


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I bought this recently purely off the album cover art and the review about the concept behind the artwork, because that's what this album is, artwork.

This is a fabulous album people. The entire inlay is a story about the Gloopy's and a race to save their kind with the help of a human child. There are great adventure psy moments, truely Danny Elfman styled music score moments, dark twisted moments. Its all wrapped up here in one big ball of fun. This is a beautiful and sometimes haunting album. I really recommend it if you wanna try something fresh.