printing t shirts( do you have the equipment)?


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need to print few things on t shirts,contact me here if you have t he equipment for it.
if ya still about, ive found a cheap link for Kodak iron-on printer paper.
Pm me if ya still interested.
You can easily make screen printing frames and, so long as you are printing less than 100 per screen, the screen can be cut from paper...

Make a wood frame with sides at least 1" high (deeper is better)...Brace the corners well and cover one side with a good grade muslin...The bigger the holes, the easier to print, but smaller holes give better dot-resolution....

Now cut the pattern into decent cartridge paper (remember each colour needs a different paper cut) and make the overall paper size to exactly fit inside your frame....

To print, you will need a rubber squeegee, preferably one the width of your frame, and some inks...pour a small line of ink into one end of the frame, then squegee over the entire length...remove frame from the material and allow each colour to dry before applying the next...

Warm Iron to seal the inks to finish....