"Pro" Artists who covet Bass techniques


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You know who you are, and the techniques arent even so creative/special so its obviously fear of being copied.

So why drip feed your "master"classes, milk money online and just leech leech leech all you can....

The only free useful, compassionate work ive seen done is by Colin from OOOD also Domestic and Cosmosis were helpful a lot before in the past

then you have the people here who like writing a 15 page dissertation about the osc/filter behavior because they like sounding intelligent and cultured, but their soundcloud sounds like bogbass rather than BOOMbass


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Futurephonic wanted to make their mortgages off their business, but i have to say that Tristan's class was intelligent - he wanted people to try new things

others coveted and wanted to wax lyrical about their DAW creations, E-CLIP for example was running cracked cubase and scammed futurephonic out of a class! it was hilarious he was so patronizing

(NO i never payed to watch a single, single one and ive seen everything ok)


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Hi man - don't really know if I understand your gripe? I have been producing many years and found the futurephonic videos not bad. I specifically enjoyed the Tristian and Brainiac videos. At the end of the day - if you are watching these videos clearly you are looking to learn something to help you productions and even if after 5 videos I see one interesting technique that I end up using -it's worth it. If you are just beginning to make psytrance and have access to these video's I kinda envy you - when I started producing there was NOTHING like this available.

You know grinds my gears - all the ''YouNoob'' producers sharing their crappy copycat videos on reddit, acting like they are pro's but their actual music is ''meh'' at best and they are not known for making music only known for making lame ass tutorial videos. Go look at r/psytranceproduction - it's a wall of mostly trashy foocking production techniques they stole from other people pretending its their own. And big surprise -half of those mofos are mods on there. L


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There's also a question of the change in the music industry and people diversifying to make a living. It's used to be hard to make music and save up for all the hardware that was essential at one time to produce, then the bottom fell out of music sales and gigs were how you brought money in.
So we've gone from hardly anyone making music and everyone buying it to everyone making music and no one buying it.
So it makes sense that people who've honed techniques over the years but are struggling to make ends meet would produce classes and sample packs and so on to feed the 'new market' of hobbiest producers.
I'm not a fan of sample packs or synth preset packs or even midi packs I've seen are now a thing but I get why they are there. People just want to make banging tunes but aren't so bothered about making the sounds from scratch but tweaking pre existing ones. If you don't want to have to 're-think re-train' as Mr Rishi Sunak suggests than you're more than welcome in my mind to feed that market.