Problem using compression in VST5



Help please!!

When I put a compressor on in VST5 it sends the part being compressed out of time. It's the same with the compressor in the Dynamics section or with plug ins.

Any ideas what might be causing this? :?
Have tried different compressors but all seem to be the same.

Will try bouncing down though, thanks Colin :Wink3:
Not totally sure about this, but isn't that a problem addressed in more recent versions of cubase? Plug-in Delay Compensation or something?
I guess if it's a feature of newer versions, then it's a known problem.
Bouncing down like colin said sounds like a plan though.
Rather typically, Steinberg's own dynamics plugin doesn't work with it's plugin delay compensation in VST5.

The only viable workaround is to not use the Steinbergs Dynamics plugin.

Impressive huh?