problem with audio mixdown, pls help


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hello, i have a huge problem i hope someone can clear up for me.
my track starts to skip like crazy when i have done a audio mixdown , it seems like there is some problem playing wav files, dunno what could be the cause really:isad: .
there is no ploblem while they are still vsts, but id really like to be able to mix them down :Smile3:
maybe something wrong with my driver?
i have a juli@ soundcard and use asio2 driver

if anyone know what could cause this, please let me know



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What program are you using? Also are you talking about the resulting wav file from a mix down skipping when played back in a player or a bounced wav file messing things up when played in your sequencing prog within the tune your writing?


did you check that you are mixing down to the correct sample rates and bit rates?


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it skipps in cubase when i load the wav in a audiotrack (a skip per sec aprox.)
and they are 44100/16bit
just seems the hd cant handle to play back wavs, but thats suppose to be the easiest to do for it right?
and these problems start after the first mixdown, so i suppose it wouldnt even play if all channels are audiotracks :Sad:
somethings fishy is going on

sometimes if the hardrive is working (like if im dling something) i have also problem playing mp3 files in winamp, sometimes even that skips , these problems never occured before i reinstalled windows
i just dont know what it could be, just that something is wrong when playing files off the hdd


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Sounds like it might be the HDD controller again.

Go into Device Mangler, select the ATA controller/Properties and find out what speed your HDD (usually Primary Channel) is set to. If it's set to PIO, you need to set it to UDMA100/133 depending on the speed of your drive.



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hm, i think your on to something here, when i look at primary ide chan it says 'DMA if possible' but its set to PIO anyway, even tho its a dma133 drive, all others is set to dma, hmmmmmmmm :Smile3:
thanks alot for the tip, this is probably it, now i just need to find out why its at PIO and wont change heh
To get DMA mode you'll probably have to remove the IDE channel involved in Device Manager and reboot. This will reinstall the IDE drivers and reset the bus speed allowing you to use UDMA.