problem with m audio delta soundcard


Fried for too long
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just wondering if anyone can help...
basically the sound is fine when im using logic, but the moment i quite logic and try to run i tunes or play a film etc the sound is really fuzzy and distorted :sob: its driving me mad!
its possible the soundcard is fucked in another sense too, as my midi controller has stoped being detected by logic ...(any ideas for that also?)
i cant stand the constant cable swapping any longer....why must this beeeeee :sob:

cheers guys

ps its a m audio delta 96/24 (or something like that cant remember - cost about 150)
audiophile 24/96?

hasnt happened with mine, but i did install the latest drivers after it was playing up ever so slightly, which fixed the problem

give it a go
Dude your a fucking legend! thank you! why didnt i think of that?? soun is now crisp and clear! :Grin:
however, still no luck with my bloody keyboard (novation remote 25) any more wise words mate? :Wink3:
cheers dude!
cant tell you how chuffed i am, its been like this for almost a year now!
hahah :Smile3:

i dont know logic too well, have you tried the keyboard in other sequencer apps?

try to find out whats to blame, the keyboard, the midi interface or the application