Prodigal Sun

Jason Frog

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Prodigal Sun do a wicked live set. A proper stage show with costumes and live instruments. I really recommend booking them.

Here is a video with them at the Frog Halloween Party from the other weekend.

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More info about them at


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Thats twisted. In a better light I’m sure they don’t look like GWAR.


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They really are good - a gig they did for ToF back in Oct/Nov 2003 at... (not lakota, not black swan, the other one!) was one of the best parties ive been to (and that was before i ever tried 'rugs and i still had an amazing time).
Also enjoyed seeing them at the Rocket in london this year :Smile3:

For me they have the right kind of craziness with minimal bass-line dugaduga presence that ruins a lot of psy (dark stuff also) included.

anyway, enough of the panygeric!


Dubber Dan said:
You wouldn't be saying that if you've seen 'em in the flesh!!!


Alex n Rog were havin a right ol natter at the Shroom gig, Dan !!!