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hi all i have put this up on another forum but im hoping you guys might be able to shed some light :Smile3: here goes :

I some times find that when I get a nice pad sound and than try to cut out the lower end and top end to try and make fit in the space..
The sound loses its power and presence… (leads too)

Am I right in thinking that eq is important but you must also important to keep instruments in different octaves i.e. lets say

Bass C1

Pads C2

Leads C3

And so on… I had problems with high hats before… but I should explain…
When I listen to psy … I find the High Hats come out the top of the monitors the bass from the bottom and the kick I actually hear this in the lower middle…

To me that is how I see it in my head… and all the leads are in between with the percussion and snares… leads some times are up near the high hats …

I can hear it im just having probs putting my sounds in the right places and keep the power behind them …

I hope this makes sense. …

This is why I asked the question …. J


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Thanks for the link :Smile3: