Prognosis......In the mix

Listening to the mix now.

Please also provide the mix for download if you don't mind... The flash-app is annoying to use, the search bar doesn't work properly. Also, it's somewhat restricting only being able to stream the track.


We dont have it for direct download at the mo.

We are aware that the flash player has it probs,
the slider for fast forwarding is not quite right,
but does allow the listener to fast forward and rewind,
even though the positioning is not quite right.

Also we have found the pause button not to work,
these are things we are working on.

Anyway, you should still be able to hear it,
did you listen?

We would love some feedback.

im finding this very bouncy at the moment :Smile3: :runaway: :jump:
lol prog i think its excellent m8 :Smile3: but you already knew that...:Grin:

how were the fungi twins?

*still f**king jealous*


try make it down to cabbage for the 30th.....seb taylor doing 2 sets FUCKING WOOO!!!

Monkey Do said:
Wouldn't 32 or 40 k be a better choice for dial up, bearing in mind that the only dial up that supports 64k is ISDN and that leaves zero overhead for writing crap onto Psyforum.

Thats a very good point monkey do, cheers,
i will bear that in mind for our next installment.