Programming Pro 5



Please somebody please help

I'm using Pro 5 in a tune. At the end of a session I save the file as a cubase song file but on reopening the voice on the Pro 5 reverts back to a different voice. Do I need to insert sysex code before the part to tell the synth which voice to play? If so, how's it done?


Also on a similar subject. I recently got a copy disc with Pro 53 on. Is it worth ditching the Pro 5 in favour of this or are they essentially the same synth?



Studio Elf
Firstly, Pro53 is (as far as I am aware) essentially Pro 5 Version 3, so (as long as it works), it may be worth installing it.

Secondly, If I remember correctly, Pro 5 and its descendants use Program Change messages to switch between presets, so you're looking for a PC message that has the same number as the preset you're using.

Odd that Cubase doesn't remember the instruments' preset setting in the song file tho...



I had exactly the same problem - it drove me up the wall :mad: ... the pro 5 just seems to spontaneously reset to a default patch very once in a while. In the end I jst gave up on it - plenty of other better synths around :huh: