Top 10 progressive january '04

tom anteater

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greetings visitor, here is what i play right about now.. seeming to be in some very good mood at the moment because a lot of this stuff is pretty fluffy.. but then again some of it is pretty dirty

no order as i like it

1> Richard K - Rhythm Inside (Kamaflage)
very nice bassline and sample arrangement keeps this one afloat.

2> Pope of Gegga - The Revenge of Angilimala (Baluns)
nicely melodic, slightly epic feel, we like.

3> Tocharian - Arcadia (Millenium)
great percussive work and cool breakdown with beautiful 3 note melody.

4> Jon Dee + Tom Hodge - Sandy (all offers considered )
well, obviously i am biased here, but i like him very much, sunset or sunrise progressive vibe.

5> Kooler - Freefall (Kamaflage)
wow.. i can;t wait for the album we are promised from this one.. highlight of the kamaflage album i think.

6> Patrick Zigon - Floating (Millenium)
love it, can;t decide whether i sing this or kate bush more often in the shower these days

7> Coyle + Healey - Dose (Gianna Sisters rmx) (Sunset)
every mix is great on this release, i like the more trancey feel that mr trancefeld and his mate have brought to this one.

8> Disco Slickers - Slicky Disco (Hadshot)
nice, and as promised, more dirty.

9> Jon Dee - What U Got? (as before)
a great bit of techy house here, stands on its own in any set i have played.

10> Chris Cargo - Visions (Dirty Dub rmx) (Hadshot)
great track, moves you for sure.

bonus track> Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (Parlophone)
wtf: nobody ever expected pink floyd to sound like this quirky retro electro. a winner.

well, that's the lot, and most enjoyable for me they are as well if anyone wants to hear them and is in london, then come to our new night Synchronicity on the 21st of Feb.

cheers for now
Nice top 10 again Tom...shame its never heard at Baraka (though perhaps thats something to be remedied... :Wink3: )
Looking forward to Synchronicity dude.

If the Jon Dee + Tom Hodge tune is the one I heard back in November then its boys are onto a Good Thing...

thanks for the nice comment mate :Smile3: he is indeed the one you heard in november, though with slightly better production now :Smile3: we have more on the way as well :Smile3:
:wacko: i call myself a progressive fan an i've only heard the tracks off Kamaflage :blink:

will be at Synchronicity for sure, i seem to be missing something :Grin:

nice top10 i think
hey drat, this is the more housey sound of now.. it's good music :Smile3: if you like sonic cube album you would like it for sure :Smile3:
and be cool to meet you at synchronicity.. i'm the one that isn;t kristian or phil :Wink3: :Smile3:
ill be the one dancing like this :partysmi: and talking to the speakers :Grin: