Progressive Psy Trance


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Im trying to think of a well known DJ who is well known out side of the psy scene as well as inside who spins progressive psy trance, but I cant think of any.

want to book someone like this to draw in crowds, any suggestions?




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more production duo & shifted very much away from psy these days - but Cass & Slide


Red five said:
Tom Anteater...

i was gonna suggest tom anteater :Wink3:

remember him playing @ symbiosis after i had too many shroomz, very enjoyable, big chonky bonky rolling grooves,
made me feel like i was in some sorta koopa troopa land :Smile3: :clubjump:

drat mafia has also played some v.nice prog in the past :bananada:


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i think cass used to be with most wanted in london -- but this is going back a while

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Chew-Z anyone?
Cass mainly does house now if I'm not mistaken.

For the dj set you're after I think you should book Dominic Lamb.