Prometheus - Corridor of mirrors


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Info posted by Benji himself on the isratrance:

Hi just to say i've just finished the follow up to my first album...robotochan...its all done now and will be mastered at the start of jan and ready for release from march but hopefully available for down load from the twisted site by the end of january..the album is called ' CORRIDOR OF MIRRORS" here's the track list...

1. The Kraft
2.The soma poets
3.One cell short of a brain
4. Beetle boots
5.The logic of the polyphonic
7.Taylors machine

The fisrt part is various manifestations of trance...all full on 4D sonics and 4/4 kicks but hopefully a listenable at home as on the dancefloor.
Part 2 is downbeat , designed for driving through a city in a hover car some time around 2050 at sunset....sort of.....
anyway cant wait till its out and i start getting some can preorder at twisted now.... also i'll be playing some of it on digitally imported radio in the 23.12.05 got to to hear it......see y'allllll...benji

Looks like 2006 will be a great year with releases from Benji, Dick Trevor, Colin Oood, probably Billy Cosmosis and many more! :Smile3: