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hello to you all
has any of you peeps heard the robot-o-chan abulm by prometheus yet if so is it any good because i wannna order it but it a toss up between shpongle remixes or this. help me. :Smile3:

:shrooms: :smokingr: :sun:

bloody-jesus-something ... nice album B)
track one is a lovely lovely soothe and groove number and excites the senses ...
from this first beginning right up to the end the overall production quality is on overload, if u like Hallucinogen and that usual beat - this is for you ...
track two ... err, been out before, sometime somewhere on twisted, beautiful beautifuul track around the 138 mark.

TRACK 3 - jesus !! this is where it's at for me ... spooking you with a rough intro and then sinisterly suggesting something bout a black hole .. . .. . and then .... and the . . .. . . .yeas .... there it is ! !
some point in the track soon it starts to twisted and splinter into a lil dark madness that splatters those nearby with a lil insanity and then, just when u losing it whips you back to where you been dancing all night, back in kansas again ...

certainly a corker this one ... onyl has a listen bout twice but track 3 certainly did it for me saturday night at liquid bash as first track of set at 1.30am ...

in a month or two i reckon ill still have first 3 tracks in me handbag :smoke:


over all : twisted as f**K, and real clean messy fun ..
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I'm listening to the Prometheus album now, and really liking it. If you were into the fat bouncy feel of (benchmark release) Unusual Suspects, this develops that theme. The production is super-clean, the sounds deeply trippy without hammering your eardrums to pieces. Look forward to hearing some of it on a massive sound system :Smile3:
How come you guys already have this, I'm still waiting for Chaos to recieve stock...
Lucky !"£$%^&*&*()
ye waiting as well :blink:
do u know something i don't?? :unsure:
oh and further more...Shpongle remixes is shite in my opinion...only 2 good tracks on there for me