Protoculture - Refractions


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Ham, Richmond
You lot have probably discussed this CD months ago, but it's new to me. Arrived this morning in a jiffy bag just in time for my day off, and


It's f***ing brilliant!
I am grinning from ear to ear!
It has guitar melodies to make you weep, and bass lines that make me well, moist, to be frank :lol:

You gotta hear it!
It's like progressive rock gone psytrance. I could listen to it all day. Well I probably will do actually........


"Silicon Sunrise" - what a perfect track - I can die happy now! :wizard1:
Yep tis a fantastic CD! Silicon Sunrise if great! And dont forget Avalon! :Wink3:
Ooooh YEah. Young Nate is our boy. Pure Genius. Only 22 odd...

Can't wait to see what the future will bring. Let's hope he keeps getting more psychedelic as he has a tendancy for cheese - albeit top quality.

He could really storm it if he developes some serious sub bass frequencies and melodies... The VB! always works but I can't help but get bored...

Rock the
Jock Doc.
Think its fair to say that this really is a top quality album. The amount of times people have opened up 'another' thread on this just goes to show its quality.